Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Comics Revisted

Embee buys The Guardian Newspaper everyday so he has the crossword to do in his tea break! Recently included with the paper was a re-print of some of the children's comics from the 70's and 80's. I wonder who will remember any of these. I know my daughters will remember Tammy and Bunty, so very different from the comics produced for children these days. Just look at the price of Tammy back in 1971 7d (=3p today) and then it seemed quite pricey.

I remember having comics like Sunny Stories, Girl (first published in 1951), School Friend, and Girls Crystal when I was in my early teens. I couldn't find info about my other comics but I did find this site so you might find your favourite there.

I still have all the annuals (in fact I have all my childhood books) that I used to get for Christmas back in the 50's. All were well loved and re-read many times so they are not all in good condition. I can't bring myself to part with them but I know I'll have to sooner rather than later. I wonder if others have kept childhood books?

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At 29/9/09 21:39, Blogger Beccy said...

I never minded forgetting my key on comic day because it gave me something to read as I waited in the porch!!!

At 29/9/09 23:03, Blogger Barbara said...

We were allowed one comic a week and mine was Schoolfriend. We couldn't afford books so I didn't have a big collection. I remember I had copies of What Katie Did, What Katy Did Next,Heidi. I think they re probably with my younger sister now. I've recently reread them after borrowing them from the library.

At 29/9/09 23:14, Blogger Pamela said...

I didn't.
I didn't have very many. My favorite were the Trixie Belden series.

At 30/9/09 07:57, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara I was lucky we had a newsagent shop so I could read every thing before it was sold (provided I was careful!)

At 2/10/09 21:36, Anonymous wendishness said...

great comics, I remember some of those from my folks!


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