Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Monday # 135

I'm sorry I didn't join in with Fun Monday today, but if you want to see this week participants just visit Ari who wanted to know:
'If you could click your heels three times, and change lives with any character from any film, who would it be and why?'
I think my brain went into melt down and I couldn't think who I'd like to be.

This afternoon I was in my back garden when the Red Arrows zoomed over. I keep trying to get a photo and they keep escaping me. You might just see one of the planes if you enlarge the picture.

2008: None
2007: Casamia
2006: Party Time

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At 28/9/09 22:44, Blogger Beccy said...

I'm not laughing...honest!

At 28/9/09 22:49, Blogger ChrisB said...

I hope you aren't laughing at your mother :)

At 29/9/09 02:23, Blogger bermudabluez said...

Nothing wrong with that pics look like that all the time!

At 29/9/09 04:35, Anonymous Kila said...

You caught one!

At 29/9/09 23:14, Blogger Pamela said...

I'm with Beccy (snicker giggle)


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