Friday, September 25, 2009

China # 18 Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City

I don't think anyone will ever forget the awful images of the fateful demonstration that took place in Tiananmen Square back in 1989, when hundreds of protesters lost their lives.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and from these pictures it's difficult to capture just how vast an area this square covers.
Below is the first glimpse we got as we walked across from where our coach was parked. This is looking across towards an entrance to the Forbidden City.

It's quite a sombre place even with the sun shining on it.

Below is a Monument to the Peoples Heroes and behind is the Great Hall of People

Walking towards one of the entrance gates of the Forbidden City (will tell you about that in another post).

Just to give you a taster below is one of the Watch Towers that are positioned in each corner of the Forbidden City. There is also a moat with Willow trees growing alongside.

I'm pleased to have seen it but out of all the places we visited, Tiananmen Square, is one place that I would not want to visit again.

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At 25/9/09 21:06, Blogger Beccy said...

Even the pictures come across as eerie.

At 26/9/09 02:08, Anonymous Janis said...

It looks forlorn and stark!

At 26/9/09 10:59, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

it certainly isn't an inspiring place to gather by the looks of it :( What a shame for the Chinese :(

At 26/9/09 18:27, Blogger Pamela said...

amazed that you traveled there...

At 27/9/09 00:28, Anonymous wendishness said...

I just can't look at it and not see what happened in the past, it's stained with bad karma in my opinion.


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