Friday, September 29, 2006

What is today ?

Well apart from being Friday its actually Michaelmas Day. Did you know Michaelmas means Michael's Mass. The flowers (Michaelmas Daisies) traditionally bloom on September 29th which is 'The Feast of Saint Michael'. Saint Michael was the warrior saint of all angels.

I am sure you all know it's the feast of St Michael the Archangel who led the army of angels that hurled Lucifer from heaven for his treachery (I cannot take credit for this knowledge this is quoted from my daily read 'Daily Mail') I did however know that it is traditionally a time for feasting. I am still feasting on party leftovers and my friend, Tina, is coming for lunch to help out. Later this afternoon we will go swimming at my local pool which is about a 3 minute walk away. This is another of my new regular jaunts and it might use up some caleries gained from the feasting!! By the way the picture was also in the Daily Mail and is from a painting in the Tate gallery. The article written by A.N. Wilson is very interesting and I have been reminded of country traditions remembered from my childhood. Such as Michaelmas is traditionally the last day of harvest and beginning of autumn. Sam this may interest you and Fred given your penchant for 'fois gras', feasting was on geese as they were plump and plentiful. So to anyone who happens to be celebrating today enjoy your feasting.



At 29/9/06 18:23, Anonymous sam said...

are you quite sure this isn't a food blog?

At 29/9/06 18:29, Blogger Chris said...

Such an interesting post. Thanks for the reminder that today is Michaelmas and the connection to food. Very interesting!

At 29/9/06 19:05, Blogger Beccy said...

Good old Daily Mail!!!

At 29/9/06 22:41, Blogger Sam said...

beccy? Huh?
Good old Daily Mail???
Don't you mean good old piece of right wing rubbish.
This is the paper that was silly enough to even pay me a pound a word to write for them way back when.

I preferred it when mum read the Sun. Another piece of right wing rubbish too, but at least it isnt pretending to be anything more fancy than it really is.

I know, i know, you only buy it so you can "do the crossword"

At 30/9/06 05:35, Anonymous Barbara said...

My youngest son is called Michael. I didn't know today was St Michael's Day.

At 30/9/06 09:10, Blogger Beccy said...

Sarcasm Sam, it's the lowest form of wit!!!

At 30/9/06 15:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi Chris I'm glad you found this interesting hope you'll drop by again


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