Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aching legs

Today is a memorable day for a colleague of mine as she retires today. When I popped in to see her earlier, she was busy packing up her office ready to return the equipment. After a quick cup of coffee, thank you Sue, and a chat I then went on to shop at Makro for some party items, including drinks. I got a bit carried away and I hesitate to say, as its so early, but I bought Christmas cards and wrapping paper (I shall probably put it all away and forget where and then when the time comes buy more; I am allowed senior moments now). My mother asked me to buy a vase for her to give as a present so I called in to The Mall a local retail outlet, found just the thing in M&S and I am now back at home; lots of walking hence the acking legs and no lunch. So as it was already 15:45 I made a quick pitta bread with tuna and salad and decided I deserved a rest sitting at the computer.
I could tell from the look on my mother's face she was not impressed with the vase (it has to be very fussy e.g. lots of flowers for my mother to like it; instead this is a simple clear vase that would suit any room or decor). She did concede that it was just right so I won't have to take it back which is what usually happens. I don't think the photo does it justice what do you think?. For the photographers, I know that I have some reflection on it but was unable to remove this. I can see I need to update my programmes for more versatility.
I shall spend the evening preparing for tomorrow's lunch party and I am not sure if I will get time to write about it until Thursday so may not post tomorrow.



At 26/9/06 20:12, Anonymous sam said...

you are making me laugh. of course granny won't like a vase as plain as that.

i am having a dinner party tomorrow night too.

so no blogging for either of us.

good luck!

At 26/9/06 20:19, Blogger Beccy said...

No dinner party for me so I look forward to hearing about both of yours!
Tell Granny I think the vase looks lovely and not too fussy!

At 26/9/06 20:44, Blogger Sam said...

PS - MUM - you don't have "COLLEAGUES" anymore, remember, you don't have to work any longer!!!!!

At 26/9/06 22:48, Blogger AK said...

Hello from America ~ may Sam's friends call you Mum, too? :-)

Welcome to blogging, especially if you tell-all show-all about the family when they were young :-)))

At 28/9/06 17:10, Anonymous mum said...

Hi ak
I was really excited to get your comment you were the first person outside the family, so that's quite special. Of course Sam's friends may call me Mum, that's very flattering. I have been following many of her friend's blogs for quite sometime and my list of bookmarks is growing rapidly. I have got to learn to link ( don't know all the tec terms). Sam has given me this as my next task; in her own words ' you absolutely HAVE to work out how to do links asap'. So I don't think retirement will be boring!! As for tell-all I am sure I can think of a few things to make her cringe.

At 2/10/06 14:08, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I have now put links in


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