Thursday, July 09, 2009

It never rains but it pours! Episode # 3 and French Beans

Today was going to be another China post but I have quite finished uploading pictures, so instead it's a bit of an update

Have you been wondering if I'm sitting on the new decking yet, well the answer is no although there has been a little progress. Some of the gaps in the underneath areas have been filled, the walls have been cleaned and painted and the support beams have been fitted. Yesterday evening EmBee was cutting the timber to the correct lengths and pondering on the width of the gaps. He has now decided, that he will need two more boards which he can't get until tomorrow. He is out all day Saturday, so realistically I can't see this being finished in time for me to treat the finished deck before I go to Dublin to visit Beccy next Wednesday.

N.B. That means it will need to be covered to keep it dry until I return...wonder if EmBee has considered this!

Oh and by the way.... we are going to have a fun trip while I'm in Ireland so hopefully there will be photos!

Also thought I would share the first picking of our French beans.
I'm looking forward to these and I won't need to share them because EmBee is going out for dinner straight from work.

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At 9/7/09 16:13, Blogger Beccy said...

Can't wait for our fun!

At 10/7/09 13:18, Anonymous EmBee said...

EmBee has considered the problem of painting and will lay the boards out first thing Sunday without screwing them down, then get on with cutting grass weeding borders and all the other things that do not get done by themselves And then Screw the boards down and plug the screw holes ready for the second coat. Love EmBee

At 10/7/09 17:48, Blogger Sam said...

I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun thinking of even funner things to do when I come to England in just under a month.

At 10/7/09 17:49, Blogger Sam said...

oh - and I should contact the girls to see if we can do something with all of them? I was wondering if I might suggest a trip to the Portishead pool or something but not sure if that is too far for Wurz?

At 11/7/09 13:08, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

If that's pressure treated wood, around here anyway, we'd probably leave no gaps because the wood shrinks a bit anyway. The kids' fence is pretty new, and although the boards were places tightly, there are small gaps already.


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