Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Monday # 122 Handbags

Sorry I'm so late in posting this it was almost finished but I to go and collect my grandson and his girlfriend, who had been to see the Banksy Exhibition. Then it was time to cook dinner. I then got sidetracked by a few games of the Murray tennis match. Embee then told me the grandson intended to borrow a pair of his shorts until he went into town and bought a pair tomorrow. This was not going to happen so off we went to the local supermarket and found a pair of shorts for Dillon. Then I just had to watch the remainder of the Murray match which he just managed to win in the 5th set. What a relief!

Now to this weeks challenge:

The Church Lady wants to see a photo of our purse (here we call it a handbag) and she wants us to describe what's inside. She asks:
Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink? Or, do you prefer to go light and carry only the necessities, such as your money and cell phone. For the men who would like to participate, post a photo of your wallet and describe what's in your wallet.

I have a very cheap little bag that I use for holidays and I haven't swapped it after my trip to to China and here it is.
As to the content I just tipped everything out and took a photo.
What can you see! Let me help:

Camera, phone, purse, wallet and cheque book, note paper, pen, sun glasses, keys, bag hook, wipes, tissues, toilet paper, sewing kit, plasters, tooth picks, sun screen, mouth freshener, paracetamol, gaviscon tablets, fold up shopping bag, comb and compact mirror.
All very boring stuff- no make up I've become allergic to many things so have given up except for moisturiser.
It's pretty similar to a previous post (about things I don't leave home without) except I have a different camera and phone.

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That's me done I know some of you have already visited so thank you for dropping by in case you don't manage to get back. I'll be over to visit as soon as I can to see what everyone else is carrying in their purses.

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At 29/6/09 23:33, Blogger Pamela said...

I remembered that 'don't leave home" Fun Monday and went to see what I posted, too.

I had a tiny sewing kit I carried for quite a while. I don't know where it went. Your purse looks way too much like mine inside.

At 30/6/09 00:10, Blogger Tracy said...

Wow! From the picture, your pocketbook looks very small. How do you manage to get your hands on anything quickly? I guess small can be good. At least your contents stay in their place better then having a larger pocketbook where everything shifts.

At 30/6/09 00:25, Anonymous grace said...

I like your wallet, you seem to have the essentials, thanks for posting

At 30/6/09 02:10, Blogger The Church Lady said...

I see two familiar items that I too have in my purse! The purse hanger thingy (which I always forget that I have and the fold up shopping bag (which I always forget that I have)!! Thanks for sharing!!

At 30/6/09 02:38, Blogger karisma said...

Wow, its amazing how much you can fit in that little bag! LOL! I was not game to do that with mine it had too much junk in it this week! LOL! Kids!!!

At 30/6/09 04:01, Blogger Ari_1965 said...

Paracetamol is for headaches and aches and pains, isn't it?

I think you're pretty much prepared for any situation except dehydration.

At 30/6/09 04:43, Anonymous Kila said...

A folded up shopping bag--folks here don't carry those, but it's a wonderful idea.

At 30/6/09 05:13, Blogger Amrita said...

Thanks for the pak inside your handbag. Very practical supply of things you have there. I like your purse.

At 30/6/09 12:47, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I didn't catch it, but Cuppa said the Murray match was quite something. I'm pulling for him. I've seen RF win too often.

At 30/6/09 17:25, Blogger Sandy said...

I have decided, after visiting everyone yesterday, that we ladies could teach the Boy Scouts something about being prepared. Great post.

At 30/6/09 18:51, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Years ago I carried all but the kitchen sink in my handbag. I seldom carry a Bag/purse nowadays, I carry my necessities in my pockets.


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