Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm confused!!

My mother has her repeat prescription delivered from the pharmacy attached to the surgery. Yesterday when they were delivered, one item was missing and when my mother rang to find out the reason the answer left her puzzled.
Apparently the person she spoke to did not speak very good English, now as my mother is somewhat deaf you can imagine this is not a good combination. She often gets the wrong end of the stick so when she said that she had been told not to worry but just take an extra one of her other heart tablets, I really thought she's got that wrong. She said that she had only spoken to a relief pharmacist, that convinced me there must have been some misunderstanding. I offered to go to the surgery and find out what was happening, but as she still has a weeks supply it didn't seem that urgent.

I confess I thought no more about it but when I returned from running errands this morning, my mother greeted me with..."I've rung the pharmacy and spoken to someone else, who said yes they were stopping those tablets but to finish using the current packet"
My mother said she asked if she didn't need them why had she been prescribed them for years and the person couldn't answer this question. This seems really odd so I think that we will have to taking another trip to the doctor to get some answers...after all is it now the pharmacy who decide what medication a patient need or has the GP changed the medication without telling my mother; has she been wrongly prescribed for years; or has my mother just misunderstood...your guess is as good as mine but I think we need some sort of explanation. So next task is getting an appointment with the doctor and you know how difficult that is!!!

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At 19/6/09 15:01, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Just wondering if you can not just ring the doctor for this sort of info?

At 19/6/09 15:04, Blogger Beccy said...

Anvilcloud has a great idea, you can ring your GP here between a certain time for advice and it has saved me a number of costly visits to the doctors.

At 19/6/09 16:52, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC & Beccy we did think about that but at this surgery one has to wait for the GP to phone you at the end of surgery and sometimes we've had to wait hours. It would be much better if there was a set time for patients to call and chat to the doc.

At 19/6/09 17:30, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I hate to tell you this - but it sounds like you may have to take charge of your mother's medications and all those phone calls.

A few months ago, my mom went to a relative and walked into a medication nightmare. The poor woman was totally confused about how many/what my mom has taken responsibility of the medication. (the relative had been very ill and now she isn't - turned out to be because of the meds.)

Good luck figuring it all out.

At 19/6/09 18:35, Blogger john.g. said...

Good luck, and say hello to your mum for me! xx

At 19/6/09 20:29, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Medications are great! Boy can they add complications to life. I hope for all concerned you get it sorted out very soon.

I find that calling the surgery and asking for my GP to phone me means that I have an answer before the day is out, rather than waiting a couple of weeks to see her. Yes, I am often told that she is booked out for several weeks ahead.

At 20/6/09 01:03, Blogger Pamela said...

yeah... don't trust your mom. sorry.

I don't even trust myself anymore bwaa ha.

Actually - I spent several months trying "samples" for high blood pressure. Finally found one that worked.

Doc called the prescription in. I went to pick it up. Wrong presc.

I called my Dr and we found out that my INSURANCE wouldn't cover the new med -- and so they just chose one to replace it (And I'm not talking generic either. A totally different med)

Suffice to say, I'm steaming.

At 20/6/09 05:35, Blogger Peter said...

Hi Chris, sounds a bit confusing alright, Karmyn and Pamela's cases make me think you might need to step in with the calls etc.
If you find you have any spare time left you might want to look into mine too... Or Not.

At 20/6/09 09:15, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela & Peter we have just found out from a neighbour (who uses same surgery) that when her last prescription arrived she was sent medication she had never heard of which is quite worrying.

At 22/6/09 03:34, Anonymous Beckie said...

It all sounds very frustrating to me.

At 22/6/09 08:14, Blogger Steffi said...

I agree with the other comments.It sounds really frustrating to me.


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