Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seagulls are everywhere

Remember when I was in the garden earlier in the week waiting for Tog to lay eggs. Well I decided to throw out some lemon cake for the birds, at first I put it on a tray near the house to see if I could attract any to get some pictures. After a couple of hours I just tipped the crumbled cake onto the lawn. This brought a flock of seagulls and not the little birds that I really hoped to attract. However, because I was in the garden they sat on the roof and watched me. I felt their beady eyes on me willing me to leave them to their feast. Some took off and circled overhead and eventually this one got fed up and flew off in disgust.

Of course as soon as I went in they were all over the cake like a swarm of locusts and it was gone before I could get a picture.

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At 11/6/09 19:27, Anonymous beckie said...

There are a lot of seagulls that hang out at the parks along the riverbank here. They are quite pesky. I've seen them dive bomb people for food.

At 11/6/09 19:58, Blogger ChrisB said...

These were OK but at the seaside they can be quite dangerous diving bombing. We've often seen them taking food from people.

At 12/6/09 08:22, Blogger Beccy said...

What a waste of lemon cake, I can think of a little man who would have been delighted to gobble it up!

At 12/6/09 08:36, Blogger bermudabluez said...

They are kind of fun to watch, aren't they?? We had a swarm of them around our car when my husband fed them a french fry! Beautiful pics of your seagulls!!

At 12/6/09 14:09, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Lot's around here but none in the yard, thank goodness.

At 12/6/09 17:35, Blogger Amrita said...

They are so cute. Oooooohhhh I wish i lived near the sea for them to visit me too.

Reminds me of the Hitchcock movie -The Birds

At 13/6/09 07:47, Blogger Pamela said...

well.. you should identify the type of gulls they are. make it an interesting cake game!!

At 13/6/09 13:57, Blogger Steffi said...

Nice photo´s of seagulls.I wish I could live on the sea!

At 21/6/09 19:45, Blogger Sam said...

hmmmm - seagulls are urban thieves!! You really have to watch them down in St. Ives where I was recently - I saw people have their icecreams stolen out of their hands and even heard tell of a whole cornish pasty get taken!!!


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