Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Witty Wednesday # 98 + Sims 3

I groaned when I got this from Embee:

If you receive an email from the Department of Health telling you not to eat tinned pork because of swine flu........Ignore it.
It's just spam.

Daffy warned me about this:

New Illness to watch out for . . . Anal Glaucoma

A woman calls her boss one morning and tells him that she is staying home because she is not feeling well.
'What's the matter?' he asks.
'I have a case of anal glaucoma,' she says in a weak voice.
'What the hell is anal glaucoma?'
'I can't see my ass coming into work today

Have a fun day.

Just wanted to share with you that I have my name in the credits of the new Sims 3 game. Now isn't that cool and it's all down to my dear daughter Sam.

All that needs to happen is for millions of games to be sold around the world-not that anyone reads the credits, but I'll know my name is there. I'll be getting my copy when Sam comes to visit in August.
I wonder if it's a game that will be addictive!!!! Love you Sam..thank you for thinking of your mOum xx

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At 3/6/09 18:03, Blogger Beccy said...


We weren't even allowed to call you mum when we were little, it was mummy or mother and now you're mom?

At 3/6/09 19:54, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Anal Glaucoma! That is so funny.

At 3/6/09 22:32, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

That is so cool your name is in the credits....I think I saw that game advertised today when I was at the store. (it was for pre-sale or something)

At 4/6/09 01:25, Blogger WT said...

Oh, it's addictive alright!!

At 4/6/09 08:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Cool indeed! I like Sim Animals... you'd love it... I can talk to the squirrels!

At 4/6/09 17:14, Blogger Sam said...

Hey daffy - I am working on Sim Animals 2 - it is going to be AWESOME!

At 4/6/09 17:31, Anonymous jill said...

sam does sims? cool. by the way... is next monday's fun monday hostess, june 8th. I volunteered for the 15th, we;ll see if anyone else does..

At 5/6/09 03:01, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear chrisb. I am just laughing at the Spam joke. And beccy's comment ;)

At 8/6/09 23:47, Blogger karisma said...

Hmmm! I can certainly vouch for Simms being addictive. My norty kids, (the big ones) skipped school and snuck out very early in the morning to go buy their own copies as soon as it came out. They then proceeded to play ALL Day and night and even had their little brothers playing too. Zaks house is the funniest, he has all the important stuff in "every" room, and two spotlights blazing up from his house so everyone can see where he lives.

At 10/6/09 10:45, Anonymous Hannah said...

I love the Sims 2 - I've been wondering about Sims 3 and whether I'll have time for it once #2 arrives. It's very cool that you're in the credits.


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