Monday, June 01, 2009

Fun Monday # 117 What gets the best care!

Mommy Wizdom is our hostess this week and she wants to know:

What part of our body (or house if we won't do body parts) do you take care of the best?

As usual I've been pondering on this to try and come up with a post that is worth reading. It's not that I wouldn't do body parts it's just that I know I don't take care of all my bits and pieces as I should.

If push comes to shove I would say that I look after my hair the best, even though recent photos might not support this fact-well at my age I'm sad to say I'm losing far too much hair every time I wash it. I do worry about the little bald patches I keep finding! I visit my hairdresser every six weeks for a cut and blow dry (there was a time when I went every week but can no longer afford that luxury). However, going to the hairdressers is a real pick-me-up; funnily enough I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, and I can't wait for the lovely head massage I'll be having.

I could go on to talk about waxing but that's a necessity to keep the unwanted hair at bay; I'm sure you don't want to hear about that and I certainly don't have any photos to prove it.

As for our home.......
We do try and care for our garden and Embee has been doing a lot of weeding during the past week or may not be able to see it very well from this photo but the summer flowers are beginning to bloom and it will soon be quite colourful.
As I was taking photos in the garden, earlier this morning, I noticed this little bee having a great feed on the Foxgloves and I had to get a photo.
I now have to go and do some work on the back yard...

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, I'll be around to visit over the next couple of days.

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At 1/6/09 15:12, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Your garden looks great. Love the foxgloves.

At 1/6/09 15:58, Blogger Mariposa said...

I love your garden! And I wish I have your dedication for my hair...

Have a nive day!

At 1/6/09 17:23, Blogger Rayne said...

Those foxgloves are gorgeous! Are they difficult to care for?

At 1/6/09 19:24, Anonymous nikki said...

I've never heard of foxgloves! They are beautiful!

At 2/6/09 03:00, Anonymous MommyWizdom said...

O very nice garden, indeed.

I am not very good about my hair... I am due for hair cut in fact. I should go out and make an appt. this week.

Thanks for playing along!
Have a great week!

You interested in hosting next week?!


At 2/6/09 04:14, Blogger Ari_1965 said...

I have a set of serving dishes with foxgloves on them. But I've never grown them.

At 2/6/09 08:01, Blogger bermudabluez said...

Your garden looks terrific and very well cared for....LOVE the foxgloves!!

At 2/6/09 09:13, Blogger Beccy said...

You put my garden to shame.

At 2/6/09 11:28, Anonymous Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

You are so often my inspiration! Your garden is so lovely, you are a talented cook, you're crafty...

When I grow up, I want to be you.

And have my daughter be like your daughters.


At 2/6/09 19:45, Blogger Steffi said...

Wow...Chris,your garden looks very beautiful!Very beautiful flowers foxgloves !

At 2/6/09 23:41, Blogger ChrisB said...

Rayne the foxgloves are easy they self seed so we find new ones popping up every year.

MW I have been thinking it's time I hosted again but I'm pretty busy for next couple of weeks.

Beccy your front border is always pretty.

Stephanie I'm blushing you are too kind-but I must agree I'm so lucky to have such lovely daughters-not that I'm in anyway bias!! :)

At 3/6/09 01:03, Anonymous jennifer said...

Your foxgloves are breathtaking! I am so inspired to get some more more for our garden...we had them years ago but they don't last forever.


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