Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where have I been today

Now I pose the question what do you think is behind this door. I hear you say is she off her rocker it's a garage door so there must be a car in there or its full of tools and junk. Wrong (scroll down slowly).

Walk around the side and you see the real entrance. No clues here.

Is this a give away? Someone very busy sweeping the floor. If you look you will see tools of the trade. I think the mirrors are a big clue.

I think if you haven't guessed yet the two basins are the final giveaway.

So today saw me taking my regual six weekly trip to the hairdresser. Sarah who owns the salon is the blonde and Rosanna is her assistant. I believe I have mentioned before that I have been one of Sarah's clients for over 10 years and she moved from rented premises to her converted garage several years ago. It was part of her planning consent that the garage facade remained, so from the road it looks like all the other houses. The actual salon is quite large, with a small kitchen and a cloakroom. It's more like visiting a friend and you get to know lots of the other clients and share sorrows and joys.

Today Sarah shared some good news she is getting married in September and she is planning for the ceremony to take place in Cyprus. So I shall enjoy getting regular updates between now and then. I wish Sarah and her partner, Steve, a long and happy life together.



At 31/1/07 19:02, Anonymous Vicki said...

I wish I had a hair person like that! I tend to be a hair fluzy and not ever using the same person more than 4 times.

At 31/1/07 20:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

Vicki she is absolutely great and Rosanna does a wonderful head massage.

At 31/1/07 22:02, Blogger Barbara said...

So where is the picture of the hairdo? I've been going to the same hairdresser for 25 years. He is now so sought after people go in a waiting list to become a client.

At 31/1/07 22:47, Anonymous swampwitch said...

I love those cozy, personal kinds of salons. Great looking place. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Sarah and Steve.
Cyprus? Wow !

At 31/1/07 23:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara- Sarah did offer to take my photo but I declined as I thought enough were posted on Monday. I have to book up months in advance and can only change if someone will swap which Sarah has done for me and I have obliged others so it works well.

swampwitch I'm sure you can tell I enjoy my visits it's a jolly atmosphere and the coffee's good. I'll pass on your best wishes. I bought some conditioner and left it there so I have to pop back.

At 1/2/07 09:19, Blogger Beccy said...

Now I've seen the inside after you showed me the outside last week, looks very nice!

At 1/2/07 11:54, Blogger Momo said...

I've felt a little bit dizzy , I know I should have eaten more than just the one piece of toast...And now? I continue thinking how lucky women must be to have the hairdresser. Totally blessing...
Check this out, though the comment is in romanian language just watch the youtube movies:
I was so surprised to read your kind comments...but not that surprise to stop by your blog...Thank you!

At 1/2/07 12:08, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy thought you might like to peep

momo thank you for stopping by. I looked at the you tube video you recommended. I think it is sad that lots of young girls aspire to look like images that have been digitally enhanced. Everyone has their own beauty. I am too old to worry too much about my looks except I like to keep my hair as neat as I can.

At 1/2/07 15:05, Blogger Asha said...

You are geeting pampered there with all those nice women!:))

At 7/2/07 08:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

asha I love being pampered and Sam sent me a voucher for a day of pampering so I have that to look forward to.


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