Friday, January 26, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Today I collected Beccy from Bristol International airport (sounds grand but it's actually quite small although it has increased its capacity and countries of destination over the last few years, much to the annoyance of locals) around 7:40 am. Beccy had a really early start and by the time we arrived home she was quite tired. I cannot remember the last time we spent time together alone, so it was lovely slipping back into 'mother' mode preparing and eating breakfast together and catching up on news. We spent the rest of the morning looking through old photos and scanning a lot onto the computer (ready for Mondays post). As we're both addicted to blogging she wrote her post whilst I prepared a snack for lunch. She just about managed to keep awake until after lunch, then while she settled down to watch 'Neighbours' on TV and have a snooze, I went off for my regular Friday afternoon swim.

Beccy bought me some of the silicone baking tins so I decided to make a choc cake to try them out. I used a quick recipe where you throw all the ingredients into a bowl whisk and cook. I think I over cooked it by a few minutes (was taking a phone call) and we decided that it would have been good with a hot choc sauce, so more of a pudding than cake. However having said that we enjoyed it. We are now off to the cinema so will probably tell you about that tomorrow.



At 26/1/07 21:10, Blogger Barbara said...

I've never baked with silicone pans. Do you recommend them? Glad you are enjoying time with Beccy.

At 27/1/07 00:35, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara I have used a silicone muffin tray and it was brilliant. I will need to use these new cake ones a couple of times before making judgement as small amount stuck to bottom, but Beccy says has never had any problems and does her bread in them very successfully.

At 27/1/07 01:23, Blogger Sam said...

I make teeny weeny bakewell tarts in my silicon tray.

Where's the Sleeping Beauty in this post? I see it in the title, but not in the rest of the post. Sorry, I don't get it?

At 27/1/07 09:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I think you need specs then!!

At 27/1/07 17:27, Blogger Sam said...

Ah - I see - you spelt Beccy wrong.
Should be B-E-C-C-Y, not B-E-A-U-T-Y.


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