Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gale force winds

Like most people in the UK we are experiencing the effects of the gales that are currently sweeping the country. Our house seems to be in some sort of wind tunnel and over the 20 years of living in this house we have suffered quite a lot of damage when gales are particularly strong.
You may think I am exaggerating but see what you think:
We've had a large section of wall collapsed before my eyes like a concertina (this actually happened on one of my birthdays what a lovely present). Then there was the time half the roof blew off, major expense as insurance company refused to pay out the full cost. Another time our large double gates were blown off their hinges.
I replaced these gates with custom made solid wooden gates, the larger of the two gates is even too heavy for two people to lift. Whenever there are gale warnings I leave the gates open as an additional precation. As I was eating my breakfast, today, I saw two bin lids and flowerpots sail past my dining room window to disappear from sight. Then you can imagine my horror when I looked out of the window only to see that the side gate was swinging loose. I rushed out through the kitchen door, which opened with such force it was difficult to hold, to find that the metal hook fixing the gate had been pulled off the wall. I put a wedge under the gate but this didn't hold and the next gust split the wood. This time I piled half a dozen bricks infront but within less than two minutes the bricks were scattered across the yard one almost reaching my car and the solid metal hinge had pulled away from the gate. In desperation I lugged a plant container, full of soil and wedged this together with bricks infront of the gate and later went off to visit my mother in hospital wondering what I would find when I returned.

Fortunately it appears to have held but I am now worried that the other larger gate might not hold and my car might end up a casualty. Hubby has not been very helpful, on the phone he said 'I'll take the gate off when I get home', now he's actually home and its dark, he says the winds are going to die down and it should be OK (glass half full). As for the large gates, he says we can't move them alone in this wind and he's right so I will just have to hope for the best overnight (glass half empty).

My little problem is insignificant and not really worth mentioning compared with the tragic loss of life that has resulted from the storms. So my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the eight people who have so tragically died during the storms.



At 18/1/07 21:15, Blogger Asha said...

I saw that on TV Chris!It was scary like in Chicago!People were struggling even to stand up in London!We had snow in one morning and then it melted away in few hrs and tomorrow it will be sixties again!Weird.Hope you are all safe there and staying warm.

At 18/1/07 21:53, Blogger Sam said...

that is sad. i didnt realise people were killed. did you get snow?

When you are talking about glasses half full and empty, at first I thought you were implying that dad couldn't do anything about the gate because he'd had too much wine ;)

At 18/1/07 22:47, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha Its actually quite warm here for the time of the year but having just listened to the forecast for the next few days as the storms die down the cold weather with possible snow is on its way.

At 18/1/07 22:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam the death toll is now up to 11 which is even worse. My comments were reference optimist/pessimist as I'm sure you've worked out.

At 19/1/07 00:25, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Hope the gate does hold out Chris.

The wind does appear to ahve dropped here up the road in Gloucestershire.

At 19/1/07 13:38, Blogger Beccy said...

I've been so busy with PA stuff I haven't watched TV this week so hadn't heard hoe bad the gales were over there. We've had very bad weather but no deaths (that I know of).

At 19/1/07 15:29, Blogger enid said...

enid read that lots of flights and trains had been cancelled today and the country was in chaos. (well, more than it usually is.) she hopes your gate survives!

the winds have been blowing in molvania since lunchtime and she's worried that the big glass doors to her balcony are going to shatter.

At 19/1/07 15:57, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally there seems to have been a lot of flooding in Gloucestershire. It's all gone quiet today- thank goodness.

Enid thank you for taking an interest in my blog. Unfortunately the gate needs lots of 'first aid', it might even need replacing. I do hope your glass doors have fared better.


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