Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's new from Apple

The media has been very enthusiastic about Apple's new mobile phone (iphone) and set-top box to transfer programmes downloaded from the internet onto TV. Lets hope the new technology is better than when they first brought out the iPod. I am lucky enough to have very kind daughters who bought me one for my birthday three years ago. This was ahead of them being sold in the UK as Sam was able to order in the States. However along with many others I had to almost immediately have it replaced as there were problems.

I am still using my original mobile phone (rather large and heavy) so maybe it's due for an upgrade in the next few months (you can see the way my thoughts are going) but I guess the iphone will be very expensive to buy and run, so maybe I will just stick with what I have as it's functional and I probably wouldn't get that much use from a hi-tec phone.

Another topic I have been listening to on the radio this morning is about global warming and the suggestion that people should opt to stop flying. My conscience agrees in one way; however I cannot see this happening unless the cost of air fares become prohibitive again. As my girls and grandchildren live so far away I would never get to see them if I didn't fly. As it is I maybe visit Beccy and children twice a year and Sam less often. Now I'm retired, I was hoping to take advantage of cheap flights to travel more frequently, so that means I have a dilemma and I'm sure this is the same for many people. If I'm honest I cannot imagine denying myself air travel at the moment. So I will continue doing my bit for the environment in other ways.



At 10/1/07 17:41, Blogger Beccy said...

I don't think we live 'so far away', Ireland is about as close as you can get to the UK. You could always travel here by sea.

It's funny you posting about the iphone. Joules looked it up last night on the internet and was very impressed, (boys and their toys). I had never seen or heard of them before but then I'm not easily impressed with the latest technology.

At 10/1/07 18:03, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy I can't fail to see all the apple adverts as they come up on my home page as I have a mac. But it was also on radio TV and in the papers.

At 10/1/07 19:42, Blogger Sam said...

you cam sail to me too.

the iPhone is incredible, although I did drop off in the end watching the keynote lecture last night, the touch screen technology is stunning

I pointed out to Fred that my birthday is in June (that is when the iPhones come out)

At 10/1/07 20:13, Blogger Asha said...

Hi Chris,I will wait for few months for reviews on IPhones! They always do this hype first and then lot of problems after that.My IPod has very short battery life like one day!I am not happy with that either!
We have spring like weather here in Jan and trees are sprouting buds already!It's very scary what comes in Summer!

At 10/1/07 21:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy Sam I could sail but but I'll fly for now. So you might be lucky on your b'day Sam!!

Asha it's because of the battery life that i tend to play mine through the speakers.

At 10/1/07 21:53, Blogger Beccy said...

I don't get papers, listen to the radio or watch tv, all my spare time is spent on the computer, I'm getting worse than Dillon! Not that I have much spare time with PA stuff. I'm also trying to finish a long book by next weeks book club meeting!

At 11/1/07 00:26, Blogger Barbara said...

I don't even have an IPod yet and I gave up my mobile phone when I gave up working for a living. I won't be cutting down on my air travel but like you I'm finding other ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I sold my car and now walk or catch buses. I even have one of those old lady shopping trolleys on wheels which I take shopping.

At 11/1/07 14:22, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy poor you !! but I'm glad you spend time at the computer.

Barbara I am sure I will be rethinking about keeping my car once Mike finally finishes work next Sept. I too have a shopping trolly (well its Mum's really but she has never used it since buying it); the trouble is I could not get all our combined shopping in it so I do go by car as the supermarket is a couple of miles away.


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