Friday, January 05, 2007

Busy doing nothing much

The Christmas decorations are down and the tree is packed away in its box ready to be hauled up into the attic. This is a two person job and as Mike wasn't feeling too well today that's a job for tomorrow as it's Saturday. I have finally finished cleaning my mother's rooms and only have the sitting room cutains to iron and hang tomorrow. When I saw her today she was feeling fed up and bored, the food was no longer 'good' and I was greeted with 'did you bring me a piece of Christmas cake' (would I forget). She was concerned that when I was cleaning I had thrown things away which she needed. I was very very tempted but I knew better than to risk it so I was very careful to put everything in piles or bags to be sorted when she comes home. I thought the 18 tins of salmon I found a bit excessive but she insists she needs to buy them when the opportunity arises. She was full of praise for the mobile hairdresser who washed and set her hair yesterday, I think this gave her a big boost. She has some more tests due on Monday and hopes to be home by the end of next week but I don't know if that's wishful thinking as none of the nurses could give me any definate information.

Sally (Sally-writes) if you read this I did catch some of your radio programme today. I set the timer for 11:45 so that I would be tuned in in time then found none of the radios in the house could pick up radio Forest of Dean. So I tuned in via the computer and listen while I had lunch and then kept popping back to listen to little snippets (interesting topics covered today).

Today is my son-in-law Joules birthday. He doesn't read blogs but just in case Happy Birthday Joules hope you had a good one.


At 5/1/07 23:30, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

18 tins of salmon! Ho. Your mum is the same age as mine, although mine is not hoarding tinned seafood. (She has other ::cough:: -- issues -- but "mum"s the word.)
You are too good.

At 5/1/07 23:34, Blogger Beccy said...

I thought you weren't taking the tree down until tomorrow!!!!

You just can't help yourself!

Sounds like Granny is on the up if she's complaining. She was wanting her hair done last Sunday so I'm glad there was a hairdresser to do it.

As for the salmon, I can't believe she had 18 tins of it stashed away.

At 6/1/07 04:08, Blogger Barbara said...

Sounds like your Mum is on the improve. Bryan's grandfather hoarded soap powder!

At 6/1/07 12:21, Blogger ChrisB said...

cookiecrumb I think she has those issues as well !!

beccy after reading Sally's post I decided 5th was OK and that's better than in the past. Hairdresser only cost £5 and it looked good so a bargain. She's now wondering about having someone to the house. Salmon what can I say!! I didn't mention everything else I found.

barbara the trouble is she hoards then decides to throw out or I have to try and use up. Then I find same items on shopping list a few weeks later.

At 6/1/07 16:20, Blogger Sam said...

poor granny - leave her alone, while she's not here to defend herself.
My granny is lovely.

At 6/1/07 19:58, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam you needn't worry I told her and she thought it was hilarious so she had a good laugh.

At 8/1/07 20:34, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Oh wow. Thank you for listening!!!

I had missed this. I saw Thrusday's, Saturday's and Sunday's, but somehow missed Friday!! Have now read it. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you! It's our travel special next Friday, so that might be nice for you too...



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