Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wild goose chase

After a busy morning I decided to walk to the hospital to visit my mother. It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought after all the over indulgence of the past week a little excercise and fresh air would be a good tonic. I had with me a bag of books and other items that she needed and arrived on the ward to find that my mother was over in Radiology having X-rays and after this she would be going for a heart test. No they couldn't tell me how long she would be, possible an hour but I could go and try and catch her in X-ray. So I left her a note on the bed and off I went to the main building which is some way from the ward. She was here this morning and will be back on the ward I am told. No I've just come from there. Receptionist then looked at the computer 'oh yes she was here at 2:30 ( it was now 2:50) not sure if she's still here. So I'm sent off down another corridor to a small reception room but she's not there. Dilema back to ward or home!! I decided to go home and return during the evening visiting.

When I went back this evening I found my mother sitting up in bed watching TV. She had obviously seen my note so knew I'd been in during the afternoon. She said one of the nurses had promised to ring me and stop me coming in this afternoon (now that would have been helpful). She said she was away from the ward for 2 hours so I was thankful I didn't wait around. The books I had brought in during the afternoon were not the ones she wanted so all but one came home again. She had very sensibly written down everything the Drs had told her so she knew her liver and thyroid were fine, her chest infection was not yet clear and she still has a few more tests to be done. She is quite cheerful, she looks heaps better and is beginning to wonder when she will be home. All the nurses are lovely she says but they are very busy and forget things, like phoning me, putting her fruit juice in the fridge (this was offered but didn't happen) and helping her to have a shower. But no matter she can get in and out of bed and she is much less breathless so that's all that matters.
As I left she was toddling off to wash so that she was back in bed ready for the night drink (she's rather taken to horlicks something she's not had for years so I'd better add that to my shopping list).



At 3/1/07 09:31, Blogger Beccy said...

Think postitively, you're getting lots of exercise!

At 3/1/07 13:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

I am indeed

At 3/1/07 15:50, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

I'm so glad taht she is obviously on the mend!

I guess that Horlicks is a small price to pay!


At 3/1/07 18:24, Blogger Sam said...

And at least she doesnt have to pay for her healthcare and hospital visits, unlike here in the USA

I am relieved to hear she is doing better

At 3/1/07 18:46, Blogger Asha said...

I am glad your mum doing better now,Chris!:))Great news for a new year!

Happy 2007!

Take care of yourself too.Sometime we forget ourseleves while taking care of others!

At 3/1/07 21:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

To everyone: I am not long back from visiting my mother and she is rather pleased to have been mentioned by you all so big thank you.


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