Monday, January 22, 2007

View from my front porch door

I saw this challenge on pensieve's post with a link to living life and catching light who was suggesting everyone post the view from their front door on Monday 22 January. Anyone participating had to let her know by 19th. As I only saw the post today I was too late to follow the rules but thought I would use this for today's post anyway.
I had several different views to choose from but each one is fairly dull and uninteresting especially in winter. The garden has an air of neglect about it even with a little sunshine, although by the time I took this snap the sun had moved around making it even more dreary. The Cherry tree, that looks very pretty in bloom is bare. Most of the garden at the front of the house is not visible from the door and in winter there are no tubs of flowers which would fill this area if it were summer, the bulbs are just begining to peep through in the urn. If you look very carefully you will see that we have a "cowslip' in bloom (bottom right). We live on a fairly busy main road, but fortunately Sundays are quiet so there is little traffic disturbing the peace.

According to the papers and the radio so it has to be true!! today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Something to do with getting credit card bills. As my bill doesn't arrive for another few days maybe my worst day is yet to come. Anyway I'm sure looking at everyone else's nice views will brighten this particular Monday.

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At 22/1/07 11:04, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey, I did this as well today.

Great minds...

At 22/1/07 11:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

I have just seen your post. We'll have to wait for the time difference to see the others.

At 22/1/07 12:57, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Nice view!


At 22/1/07 13:08, Blogger Asha said...

You do have a very nice frontyard.Green and pretty!:)
We had some freezing rain last night but it's too warm for the ice to stick around!:)

At 22/1/07 15:57, Blogger Sam said...

i should have done it last week - i opened the front door and nearly fell straight into a hole because the telephone men had opened up the side walk to adjust the cables. I had a bit of a shock.

At 22/1/07 17:18, Blogger Robin said...

Ooooo, I see POTENTIAL! We all have winter views, so it'll be fun to do this again when colors are in bloom--especially Spring and Fall :).

Glad you did this, and I can't remember now while I'm typing this note if you emailed Vicki to give her your link (she'll add you even if it's after the deadline).

I finally got mine posted so come on over when you're ready :).

At 22/1/07 20:25, Blogger Barbara said...

My front wall looks out onto a wall so would make a really boring photo.

At 22/1/07 23:32, Anonymous Karmyn said...

The grass is still beautifully green!

Yes, I want to do this again, but when the weather is nicer and things are blooming. A nice spring post would be great.

At 23/1/07 10:04, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha the temp dropped here quite dramatically last night to below freezing but at least we have lost the wind and rain for the time being. I actually enjoy these crisp sunny days.

Sally how about your view!!

Sam that would have been a good pic

Robin another interesting view would be down the garden towards the house?? You can see how nosey (no interested) I am as I love looking at different houses.

barbara I think we tend to view the familiar with a different eye to others.

karmyn thanks for dropping by. I agree it would be fun to do this again. I am slowly taking a look at all the posts and its amazing to see the diversity of views.

At 23/1/07 13:06, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Will need to find the camera and then some batteries. Will do it soon!


At 24/1/07 08:08, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally looking forward to seeing your view.

At 24/1/07 15:11, Anonymous Vicki said...

Chris great view! LOok at that green grass. I'm jealous of the wall there also. We have Sandstone rock EVERYWHERE on our place. I've tried buidling a wall but it always falls down. Instead I've resorted to flower beds that I can never get full. I'd post a picture ofthat now but they are all buried under snow! ARgha!

Like your blog. I'll be back. =)

At 24/1/07 15:51, Blogger ChrisB said...

vicki thanks for dropping by see you again

At 21/1/08 00:10, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

It is so cool to be able to see the same view a year apart. I think I like the 08 view better though. :)


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