Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tom's in Trouble

I have been defending Tom when EmBee accused him of eating the plants. I have never seen him trying to climb into the raised bed until today and he managed it. He made no attempt to eat the broad bean plants but he did his best to trample them under foot-why because I needed to run and get the camera for a photo shoot!
Personally I still think he was trying to find the shortest route to where I was with the food. I wonder what Turtle Soup tastes like!

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At 23/5/09 14:01, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

The beating of the tom toms.

At 23/5/09 14:27, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC LOL embee now has to work out how to stop him.

At 23/5/09 15:49, Blogger Jan said...

Oh, no, not turtle soup! I agree, he was taking the shortest path. Kind of like using Mapquest, it may not be the best route, but it is the shortest.

At 23/5/09 16:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Electric Fence? hehe only joking. Quick ways are very important to tortoises so I agree with you!

At 23/5/09 17:10, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jan and Daffy he wanted the apple I had in my hand. He likes me to hand feed him-you should have seen how quickly he scoffed half an apple!

At 23/5/09 18:03, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

He was probably at the Tom(atoes) lol


At 23/5/09 19:48, Blogger Sam said...

:( NO to Tomtle soupe

At 24/5/09 00:30, Blogger WT said...

Can't tell you what turtle soup tastes like, but turtle steak isn't bad.

At 24/5/09 03:33, Blogger Amrita said...

Oh please not PET turtle soup.
You could have had that in China.

Love your China pix and descriptions.

At 25/5/09 07:03, Blogger Pamela said...

reminds me of that old joke

"One day, a Rabbit, a Turtle, and a Buzzard were planning on starting a farm. The Turtle and Buzzard were digging holes, and they sent the Rabbit out to find horse manure, to fertilize the land. While the rabbit is out finding manure, the turtle and buzzard strike oil. They become instantly rich. When the rabbit returns, he sees a mansion. He rings the doorbell, and a butler answers. The rabbit says "where is the buzzard and the turtle?". The butler replies "Mr. BuzzARD is out by the yard, and Mr. TurtEL is out by the well." the rabbit says, " Tell Mr TurtEL who is out by the well, and Mr BuzzARD, whos out by the yard, that Mr. RabBIT is here with the sh*t!"

At 25/5/09 07:04, Blogger Pamela said...

only because of the turtle in your garden of course.


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