Sunday, April 26, 2009

No time today

I've not really had time to write a proper post today. I have been very busy doing a lot of last minute things before I start my holiday. I have spoken to both my girl which I always try and do before flying-well you never know and I feel it's important to tell them I love.
I had great difficulty keeping to the luggage allowance-I always take too many clothes but we were advised to make sure we had things suitable for both hot and cold as there could be extremes in the temperature, and warmer clothes weigh more. I'll probably bring half of it back not worn!

Now I'm going to try and get some sleep-Good night.

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At 26/4/09 22:49, Blogger Asha said...

Have a wonderful time there Chris, see you when you come back.

Unbelievable restrictions at the airports, I am studying all the rules like a student getting ready for exams!:P

I am flying in May too to India but not telling anyone in the blogosphere except you! :D

At 27/4/09 06:43, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha that is so exciting. I also have India on my bucket list, you will have an amazing time. You will possibly be gone by the time I get back.


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