Saturday, April 26, 2008

A quickie!!

Anyone who has been reading my twitterings will know that all our upstairs electrics were knocked out yesterday by someone who shall remain nameless! That someone was very quick to go up into the loft this morning and fix the problem (which thank goodness only turned out to be a loose screw in a connection).

You may recall yesterday that I was taking my mother out for the day, we managed to exchange a pair of trousers (pants) for a pink cardigan so she is happy. I took her to see the Bluebell Woods and then we went on to have lunch with my brother, his wife and her mother was also there. We had a lovely lunch but I ate far too much~ well it would have been fine if I had not indulged in all three of the puddings!! How can anyone resist blackberry and apple crumble, treacle pudding and fresh pineapple with custard and cream! Tell me I am a glutton and I will agree but I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day and I don't really feel hungry today.
Over lunch we started talking about relatives and my mother regaled us with some bits of family history that we knew nothing about which was very entertaining. You want to know ~ well lets just say there were several illegitimate children in the family~ and for one there is a connection to the picture below!!

I just had to stop and take a photo of this field of oilseed rape which was very colourful! We are now off to get the tortoises weighed and checked.

2007: Lemon Curd is Mellow Yellow

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At 26/4/08 09:33, Blogger Beccy said...

You can't stop there!!!

At 26/4/08 15:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those puddings sounds wonderful. Great picture we used to live near fields covered in rapeseed oil, nice memories :)

At 26/4/08 15:49, Blogger john.g. said...


At 26/4/08 15:50, Blogger Zoomie said...

Get the tortoises checked and weighed? I'm curious - is that like taking your dog for shots?

At 26/4/08 17:25, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

You've got me curious.

Illegitimate child in connection to a picture of oilseed RAPE? hmmm....maybe that isn't what you really meant.

At 26/4/08 17:58, Blogger thefoodsnob said...

Beautiful picture! I love hearing family stories, you never know what you'll get.


At 26/4/08 19:29, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy i just did!!

alix we are seeing a lot more farmers growing this now!

john if it weren't so true I would be giving you a slap!!

zoomie it is a bit like that they need checking for weight and length to make sure there are no problem after hibernation. Also for any other health problems. They also have the same done in Sept to make sure they have enough fat reserves to last them through hibernation. You can gauge what the weight gain during the summer. One of mine has already been to the vet this year as we had already detected mouth rot which has been successfully treated.

At 26/4/08 19:30, Blogger ChrisB said...

karmyn you are clever!

At 26/4/08 19:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oilseed rape is sticky but very easy on the eye and how quickly it appears!
three puddings! Good for you! I love puddings!
Glad the electrics are sorted now!

At 26/4/08 19:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant stinky.... I don't know if it's sticky... :o)

At 26/4/08 19:38, Blogger Sam said...

like beccy - forget looking at flours, I want to hear the dirt.

Was someone conceived in that field?

At 26/4/08 23:17, Blogger cookiecrumb said...


At 27/4/08 01:43, Blogger kitten said...

Beautiful pic. I guess you didn't my message about the Blue Bell flower. That's okay.
Have a wonderful day.
Ps. I think I would have tried all 3 pies also! They sounded good!!!

At 27/4/08 07:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 puds sounds good to me!
come see if you know me!

At 27/4/08 09:23, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

So where are your bluebell woods? You have to tell us more Chris!!

At 27/4/08 10:35, Blogger ChrisB said...

kitten I emailed you; hope you got it!
sam I don't think i'd better blog it do you!

CC there are some really sad stories for women back then(pre-WWar11)

sally come back tomorrow I will be telling more in my FM post.

At 27/4/08 21:38, Blogger storyteller said...

I don’t ‘Twitter’ … but I do love this field of yellow flowers! It’s glorious!!! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

At 28/4/08 05:29, Blogger Joy T. said...

Oh oh! The story your mother told you surely can't have any connection to the "rape" field. I fear it does. Oh my!!!

At 28/4/08 10:34, Blogger Steffi said...

Beautiful picture!I love always to see the yellow colour on the fields!

At 29/4/08 14:38, Blogger lisa marie said...

That is a beautiful field! Sounds like you had a good lunch and it sounds like your Mum did too. :)


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