Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A tutorial in editing photos!!! PLT #4

I've just come back from my hairdresser and had a very interesting visit. Sarah's husband is a professional photographer and I was asking him a few questions about photoshop elements, photography and editing in general and he was so helpful. He gave me a personal tutorial and I have actually learned quite a lot but don't expect me to magically improve. I now understand why I will never be able to produce really good photographs with my little digital, good as it is for it's type! Steve is considering doing a workshop for those who want to learn more and if it gets off the ground I will certainly be attending. He is also going to recommend an idiots guide book which is something I have been wanting for ages. I know I have not had this camera very long but it looks like I need an even better one that will download raw photos if I'm to achieve the editing that I aspire towards. Having spoken about photos I think I'd better include a PLT shot. This is a view of a local golf course that my mother enjoys from her bedroom window.
Mark@Regular Life is hosting PLT

2007: The fruits of Embee's labour

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At 22/4/08 15:13, Anonymous nikki said...

Pretty views!

At 22/4/08 15:58, Blogger Barbara said...

How lovely Gran has that view to enjoy.

Great to get photo tips from a pro. I have two cameras - a small point and shoot digital and a SLR digital which is more creative but not always convenient to carry around.

At 22/4/08 17:02, Blogger Beccy said...

I use to have that view...untill I was booted out of my room!

At 22/4/08 18:07, Blogger Sam said...

mum - I don't think you need raw.
That's professional talk.

At 22/4/08 19:13, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I think that picture is great. The whole hillside is clear and lovely.

I recently took two courses on Photoshop - and you don't need RAW....only if you are planning on going professional and selling your photos.

The one thing I learned - to get a truly great picture, you have to start out with a good picture. Photoshop can't fix bad photos.

I would recommend taking a photo class if you truly want to have better photographs.

At 22/4/08 20:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy but you went to room with an even better view so weren't you lucky!!

Sam Steve was telling me that you can only alter a jpeg five times each layer before the quality goes ~ have I remembered that correctly?

karmyn but I wonder would a photographic course really help with my basic digital camera. Beccy's husband takes really good photos with his so I guess it's me!
Sometimes I find that by the time I have tried to alter settings the moment I wanted to capture has gone!

At 22/4/08 21:39, Blogger Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Shooting in raw is brilliant and I thoroughly recommend it.

Yes, you need a good image to start with - you can't make a silk purse of of a sow's ear and all that - but it can improve a good image that's been perhaps spoilt by a slight over or under-exposure for example.

I'm nowhere near professional but I use it all the time.

At 22/4/08 22:23, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I'm with Karmyn. You can produce very good images from jpegs. I do understand that RAW is better, and I have used it from time to time. But I personally see little reason to continue to use it at this point.

At 22/4/08 22:42, Blogger ChrisB said...

Angela and AC I can see I've got a lot to learn which ever way I do things~ it's good to hear about other peoples views :)

At 23/4/08 04:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, the technical talk kind of lost me :)

BTW this is Alix I've gone anonymous over at wordpress.

At 23/4/08 04:38, Blogger Pamela said...

I can't seem to get a raw photo to be in focus. I think having auto focus has ruined me horribly.

At 23/4/08 05:10, Blogger Alison said...

there is a present at my site for you.

At 23/4/08 06:49, Blogger lisa marie said...

Well then, you'll need to pass those RAW tips over here because I haven't found anything that makes it worth my effort. :) If the lighting is low we adjust it in RAW but otherwise I prefer the ease of the jpg. So pass the tips over girlie. :)

At 23/4/08 11:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

lisa marie well my current camera only downloads in jpeg so after all these comments about raw photos I don't think I will be looking to get another camera any time soon!

At 23/4/08 14:39, Blogger kitten said...

What lovely view. Love the homes.


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