Thursday, April 16, 2009

How does my garden grow!

When I took this photo I didn't realise there were several little creatures crawling around the petals.
Tulips are very pretty but they don't stay in bloom for very long. These are almost over, but they gave the garden a lovely splash of colour.
Embee has just built this planter to grow a few vegetables. He's going to start with broccoli and broad beans, can't think why it wasn't carrots.

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At 16/4/09 22:49, Blogger Asha said...

Finally, some color there! :D

YAY! My veggie patch is ready to go too, looks so good there. Enjoy!

At 17/4/09 00:16, Blogger WT said...

You're better off with broccoli and broad beans, it's easier to buy good looking carrots than grow them, specially with freshly fertilised soil.

At 17/4/09 04:10, Blogger Pamela said...

maybe it isn't deep enough for carrots -- or does it have a bottom?

At 17/4/09 05:02, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

We won't have tulips for another few weeks. The daffodils aren't even out yet.

At 17/4/09 07:28, Blogger Steffi said...

Your tulips are very pretty!I am happy that the gardens looks finally more colourful after the long grey winter!

At 17/4/09 08:05, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

Pretty..... I love tuplips.... but I only like yellow flowers in the spring lol whats that about.... I never buy anything yellow in the summer lol..

I Love the veggie plot.... yesterday I planted 20 trays of seeds.... jebus knows what Im gonna do with them all if they sprout LOL


At 17/4/09 09:22, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha I don't think we will be able to produce anything like the amount you do. We have so little space.

WT I was reading a newspaper article yesterday that said it's not worth dabbling (like this) as it doesn't produce enough and is not cost effective-which is probably right.

Pamela it's just I love my raw carrots. I buy a bag of organic ones most weeks.

AC we are a bit ahead of you then.

Steffi Beccy is coming just overnight next Monday.

Marmie wish I lived nearer you I could have your leftovers to plant LOL.

At 17/4/09 16:49, Anonymous Crystal said...

The colors are beautiful. Nice little garden! Come visit me soon. I'll be blogging about getting mine started soon too.

At 17/4/09 23:12, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Raised beds are a perfect way to have a little garden. How about lettuce or spinach?

At 18/4/09 04:59, Anonymous Kila said...

Nice little garden. Ours is raised like that, too. (Will be at least another month before we plant here.) Good luck with your plants!

At 18/4/09 20:16, Blogger kitten said...

Those flowers are beautiful! We are late on getting our garden started. I want to plant a lot of new flowers in the yard this year, but no time. I'm playing on the computer for the 1st time in a week and I have so much to do!


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