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On Tuesday when I was entertaining Beccy's friend, Mary, I wanted to impress her by making fresh scones to go with coffee. Alas, I made them too moist and they were not that wonderful scone shape. They tasted OK but I was disappointed, so I'm going to have to make some more just to get it right.
Of course, Mary was far too polite to comment on the shape, and we did have the last of a pot of Beccy's lovely raspberry jam to go with them.

2lbs S.R. Flour
12oz butter
Pinch salt
6 tablespoons castor sugar
6 oz sultanas(I left mine plain)
4 eggs lightly beaten
4-6 fl.oz milk, soured cream or natural yoghurt

Oven Temp 220F (200c) Bake 10 mins.

Rub butter into flour
Add salt, castor sugar, sultanas, egg and mix.
Gradually add milk to make soft dough
Dough on floured surface 1 inch thick.

(I actually halved the quantity).

Tomorrow I might try making hot cross buns!

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At 9/4/09 21:13, Blogger BS said...

what is castor sugar? And sultanas?

At 9/4/09 21:30, Blogger Asha said...

I love Scones, i have a wonderful recipe for those at Foodie's Hope.

Haven't made Hot cross buns yet. Enjoy! :)

At 9/4/09 22:20, Blogger Jettie said...

humm some things I have never heard of!! but sounds tasty!!

At 9/4/09 22:44, Blogger ChrisB said...

BS bakers sugar and seedless raisins.

Asha I will check out your recipe. I made some good buns last year, but I might try a different recipe this year.

jettie it's strange how we call things by a different name.

At 9/4/09 23:17, Blogger WT said...

I was given a recipe the other day that was just flour, lemonade (our kind, not the yankee one) and cream. I'm pretty dubious

At 10/4/09 00:51, Blogger Sally said...

They look like hot cross buns in the picture. Perhaps it is fate. They look lovely too!

At 10/4/09 02:51, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

How do you pronounce them? Do you say "scoooones" or "skones"? [giggles, thinking about an old Goodies episode] :D

At 10/4/09 06:56, Blogger Pamela said...

If it helps, I'll just close my eyes and take a big bite. Heck! I don't care if it's shaped funny.

I ate some of Karmyn's bluberry-currant jam on my breakfast muffin --
sure love our preservin' daughters, huh? (:

At 10/4/09 08:39, Blogger Beccy said...

Mmmmm I just had hot cross buns for brekkie, the shop brought type wish I was eating your homemade ones instead!

At 10/4/09 12:31, Blogger Steffi said...

Thank you very much for your recipe ,Chris!I will try it ou!

At 10/4/09 13:25, Blogger kitten said...

Your the 2nd person I have seen post about scones. I'm going to have to trying 'em! Thanks for sharing!

At 10/4/09 15:05, Blogger karisma said...

My mum used to be famous for her scones (or rock cakes as everyone fondly named them) She could never quite get them right! LOL! Cameragirl is quite good at scones considering she cant seem to cook anything else! LOL

At 10/4/09 20:00, Blogger ChrisB said...

Mal there is always a debate about the correct to pronounce it.

WT I think I would be dubious about that recipe as well.

Pamela I bet that jam was delicious blueberry is one of my faves.


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