Friday, April 03, 2009


My cable connection went down this afternoon just as I started to prepare this post. I couldn't get any sense out of the help line (out sourced to India). I spoke to a very nice lady but she couldn't tell me the source of the problem, not could she tell me how long it would take to fix. She did say if it was off for a long time they would give me some compensation for the number of days. That was not very encouraging but as you can see normal service has been resumed and it was only off for about 4 hours.

This made me realise how dependent I have become on my internet and TV cable company which happens to be Virgin. I rely on it to play the radio through the TV and I have this on all day. I keep plurk on all day, delving in and out and I use the internet quite a lot for my blogging. I felt quite lost without it; but I also realise that it is really pathetic to be so reliant on the internet.
Of course I know I could soon get used to being without it and although I would miss all my friends, I might get around to having a cleaner house, I'd soon get through the pile of books waiting to be read. I might even get around to trying my hand at painting (one of the things I planned for my retirement. I haven't even opened the paint box yet!). However, for now I'm just pleased to be back online....but it has made me wonder if anyone else feels the same as me.

Now the post that I intended to write was about Tom, our tortoises who will often spend hours trying to break free.
I think I'll have to rename Tom and call him 'Houdini' he tried climbing over the other two to look over the top of the pen. It's still too cold for them to be outside all the time, which is what he really wants.

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2007: He doesn't know he's being watched

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At 3/4/09 23:33, Blogger Beccy said...

Maybe you should try and spend a few days offline, get out the paint box and read a few books...the cleaning can stay on hold though!

At 4/4/09 03:12, Anonymous jill said...

i try and ignore the computer once the baby is awake, once she naps again, though i check email or play scrabble online trying to keep the brain cells active!

At 4/4/09 07:41, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Take a break!

At 4/4/09 09:35, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy if I did that I couldn't do your quiz.

Jill I play bookworm quite a lot.

Mal you never know I might just do that!

At 5/4/09 14:22, Blogger Steffi said...

Yes,take a break and I agree again with BeccY!

At 5/4/09 14:27, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It would be hard to go back. even having limited access at the cottage was a bit unnerving.


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