Friday, March 27, 2009

Not worth reading........ I have nothing of any real interest to talk about today.

Yesterday I made a new protective cover for my dining room table. I managed to buy this piece of material, that is actually meant for re-upholstering, very cheaply (£6) and I really only had to hem it. The thick material should give the table some protection and prevent it being scratched when it is not in use.

In getting my sewing machine out of the cupboard I also managed to clean out a couple of the shelves. I was amazed at some of the things that I had stored and forgotten about. For example lots of craft items from when my grandchildren were younger (even some templates from when I ran my pre-school in the 70's) I can't quite bring myself to part with these!
Below are several little bears and a hippo that I bought recently for shoe box gifts for Romanian children. They are very cute and were reduced in price.

Well that's it for today. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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At 27/3/09 14:43, Blogger Asha said...

Cute Bears!!

We are celebrating Hindu new Year today, busy Bee myself. Have a great weekend, see you next week! :)

At 27/3/09 15:59, Blogger Beccy said...

I wish you were here to help me, cake sale Tuesday, hockey lunch Wednesday and disco Friday!

At 27/3/09 17:19, Blogger john.g. said...

See you on plurk then!

At 27/3/09 20:03, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Christmas 07 we purchased a beautiful wood dining table. And now I keep a heavy cover on it to protect it from the kids. Part of me thinks that is silly. I never get to look at the beautiful wood and enjoy it. I keep it covered. Maybe some day when they are grown....

At 28/3/09 00:06, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

You're seeming too ambitious for this lazy bloke.

At 28/3/09 03:51, Blogger Pamela said...

I wish I'd kept a cover on my table. One end shows wear and tear from everyone who decided to study or whatever there.

At 28/3/09 13:14, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Your posts are always worth reading.

Mention of clearing a cupboard reminds me.... bin bag, duster and vacuum cleaner at the ready!

Enjoy your weekend.

At 28/3/09 14:42, Blogger Jettie said...

those stuffies are so cute!!
i should of had a cover on my the boys were playing trucks on it the other day.....I will be resanding it and restaining awful!!

At 28/3/09 15:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

Karmyn I think I remember you doing a post about your table. I think it's sensible to keep it covered. Actually mine is not even real wood so why am I worrying and I don't even like it! LOL

Pamela now your table sounds like my b'fast room table which is well worn on one side.

grannymar I should really be carrying on with the clearing out today but it's Saturday and I'm finding excuses.

Jettie now maybe you could come and do that to my breakfast room table which is in need of TLC by way of sanding and polishing.


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