Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walking in Comfort and Happy St Patrick's Day.

Happy St Partick's Day to Beccy Joules, my grandchildren and all my Irish friends.

Back 2002 when I was staying with Sam she bought me these lovely Merrell walking boots. I can honestly say they are the most comfortable boots I've ever had. I was able to put them on and do a 6 mile hike without any ill effects. Well OK, as you can see, I did need a couple of little rests on the way.
At the end of next month I am going on a holiday where I will be doing quite a lot of walking. I decided I could do with a walking shoe rather than take my boots. On the spur of the moment I went into our local Snow + Rock to see if they had any bargains. I was lucky they had the Q Form Merrell's Sports shoe and they were in the sale because they were last year's model. I have no problem with this, I quite like the colour especially as I saved nearly £20! In any case I'm not a great lover of green which is the colour for this year.
The sales assistant told me to wear them around the house for a while and if I didn't like them to take them back. What could be fairer than that. They are apparently designed especially for the way women walk with cushioning. I don't really understand the technical jargon but I have them on as I type and I think they are going to be very comfortable and perfect for walking. The only snag is that they are not waterproof so fingers crossed we don't get too much rain.

2008: Beach Bums

2007: Happy St Patrick's Day

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At 17/3/09 14:21, Anonymous daffy said...

hehe What are the chances of us not having much rain! hehe even in the spring and summer we get a fair few inches! You should have bought walking wellies!
Happy St Patricks day!
Oh and look at you sat on the rock! FAB-U-LOUS!

At 17/3/09 14:26, Blogger Asha said...

Nice shoes!! They are great gifts, specially when we have to walk almost the whole day like in Theme parks. I would get such bad ankle pain before until I bought good well fitting shoes. Enjoy your's! :)

Happy St.Patrick's day. Everybody is wearing something green today, or else you get pinched! :D

At 17/3/09 14:45, Blogger kitten said...

Nice hiking boots. I love hiking, but I don't to get to much of it any more.
I hear ya on a bargin! Great deal!

At 17/3/09 15:16, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Good walking shoes or boots are great to have. My walking boots double as winter boots.

At 17/3/09 15:16, Blogger Sam said...

god job mum!

At 17/3/09 15:24, Anonymous jettied said...

py Patricks day to you too!!
Looks like you should be walking very comfortable!!

At 17/3/09 15:37, Blogger Jan said...

Love your boots, and it's nice to see a photo of you. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

At 17/3/09 15:48, Anonymous margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Yay for the new shoes, they look fabulous! End-of-season and clearances are terrific for such bargains. Happy walking!

At 17/3/09 16:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

daffy I hope where I'm going on hols it will be dry :)

Asha I'll quickly run and get something green!

kitten bargains are the best :)

AC that's a good idea, must confess I never think about doubling up I should really.

Sam I can still remember that lovely hike and looking down on Stinson Beach. Oh do you remember that old abandoned car!

Jan that is an old picture I've aged a lot since then.

jettie I'm all for comfort.

margaret I should be bouncing along with these on my feet.

At 17/3/09 18:04, Blogger Pamela said...

seeing you there makes me want to tag along.

I have hefty walking shoes because of my darn arches. But, I 'll try and keep up with you!

At 17/3/09 18:18, OpenID hannah1981 said...

We love our Merrells too. Well done for getting yours in the sale. I hope they're good and comfy for your holiday.

At 17/3/09 19:42, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Those look very comfy! Happy St. Paddy's day.

At 17/3/09 22:42, Blogger WT said...

I was going to ask if I missed the post where you said where you were going, but given that you've mentioned it both in the post and in the comments, without saying its name, I'm assuming that it's never been stated.

At 17/3/09 22:43, Blogger WT said...

Sam, they're just walking shoes, I doubt there's any deity involved.

At 17/3/09 22:48, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy St Patricks :)

At 18/3/09 08:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT I see you got my email so you know where I'm going.


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