Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

This post was not really intended to be about the day or the date although I do wonder if any of my readers are superstitious! Here are a few common ones that I might just admit to saying or thinking:

*Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day
* A rabbit's foot brings good luck
* An apple a day keeps the doctor away
* To find a four-leaf clover is to find good luck
* If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck
* If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck
* To break a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck
* To open an umbrella in the house is to bring bad luck
* To find a horseshoe brings good luck
* Step on a crack, break your mother's back
* You can break a bad luck spell by turning seven times in a clockwise circle
* Garlic protects from evil spirits and vampires
* Our fate is written in the star
*If you blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake with the first breath you will get whatever you wish for
*A lock of hair from a baby's first haircut should be kept for good luck
*An itchy palm means money will come your way
* A beginner will always have good luck: beginner's luck
* A cat has nine lives
* Eating fish makes you smart
*Crossing your fingers helps to avoid bad luck and helps a wish come true
* If you shiver, someone is casting a shadow on your grave
*To make a happy marriage, the bride must wear: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
*Warm hands, cold heart
* Cold hands, warm heart
* To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck
* A forked branch, held with a fork in each hand, will dip and point when it passes over water

Now to what I really intended to share with you:

My brother brought me a bag of parsnips and potatoes last week, and as far as I'm concerned free food is always gratefully received. This was one of the larger parsnips that I used yesterday.
As I was washing off all the earth I was struck by the images that came into my mind. I can clearly see a Giraffe complete with tail!
It also reminded me of a character in a film and I wonder if anyone else sees it the same way??

If no one guesses I'll add a P.S. in a couple of days.

Today Beccy, Joules and the grandchildren are off to London for a long weekend so I hope they have a lovely time. Embee and I were invited and now I'm regretting declining, as I would love to see them!

I think the parsnip was a model for Davy Jones

2008: Today is + Tortoise Update

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At 13/3/09 07:39, Blogger WT said...

First off, apparently soil that is fertilised too well causes the multiple roots (same thing happens with carrots).

Now who does it remind me of? John Holmes.

At 13/3/09 07:41, Blogger D.D. said...

omg ... what freaky looking parsnip. ideal for friday the 13 :)

At 13/3/09 07:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT I didn't realise that about over fertilising.

John Holmes-is that he of the large you know what!!!

At 13/3/09 07:47, Blogger ChrisB said...

Donna it's certainly quirky!

At 13/3/09 08:46, Blogger karisma said...

Im not quite seeing the giraffe thing, but sometimes Im not so quick, it kinda resembles an elephant or maybe just maybe a parsnip! Just sayin' Oh what would I know? Please explain!!!

At 13/3/09 08:48, Blogger Steffi said...

Nice post about the Friday, 13th !Your picture looks interesting ;O))!
Greeting to Beccy and her family!I hope they have a nice day in London!

At 13/3/09 08:56, Blogger Barbara said...

I see a giraffe

At 13/3/09 10:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"To make a happy marriage, the bride must wear: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" NOTED!

thats a really cool turnip chris, have you taste it?

At 13/3/09 11:00, Blogger ChrisB said...

CJ We have eaten that one and it was delicious roasted.

At 13/3/09 11:37, Blogger kitten said...

If you shiver, someone is casting a shadow on your grave.
Here in MS we say If you shiver, a possum is running over your grave. LOL!

At 13/3/09 18:44, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I hate it when my carrots do this - because it is too hard to clean and peel them.

I totally forgot today was Friday the 13th. How funny. I've always had good days on this day. (knock on serious good wood).

At 14/3/09 05:22, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Saturday the 14th - Day of the Soggy Bread-and-Butter pudding :D XD

At 14/3/09 16:52, Blogger Pamela said...

ha ha to WT. (I'm embarassed that I know of whom he is speaking)

YES! I see the giraffe, in a Dr Suess sort of way.

At 14/3/09 17:00, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela I googled to find out hehehe LOL.


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