Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Witty Wednesday # 88

I've just learned from Daffy

Why it's important to be the Boss

EmBee just emailed this:

It has been found that licking a frog can cure depression.
The downside is that when you stop licking the frog becomes depressed again. (Groan)

Short and (hopefully) laughable today

2008: 1st Postcard from Dublin-A walk in the woods
2007: BHS + Here's to Girls

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At 4/3/09 14:12, Blogger Asha said...

LOL!! Now, why try licking the Frog at all if it's a temporary relief! Happy Wednesday! :)

At 4/3/09 16:09, Blogger Pamela said...

oh geez... both of these made me groan. ha ha ha.
BUT, I have to say, that bird picture sure is truthful.

At 4/3/09 19:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe! I think Embee may be funnier than I!! I know where I am on the bird line up!!

At 5/3/09 03:30, Blogger Alison said...

I love the boss one!!

At 5/3/09 21:28, Blogger Alexa said...

Excellent I love the picture!


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