Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Birds and Brother

When I was cleaning out one of my kitchen cupboards at the weekend. I can across some mixed seeds that were a little lot out of date so I decided to try and temp the birds so that I could take some photos. It remained untouched for two days and then suddenly yesterday when I was out all the seeds were eaten and although I did see a Magpie swoop down today I still haven't managed to take a photo of any birds and I so wanted to practise. I'll have to think of another plan.

Birthday Boy
Today is my brother's birthday so just wanted to say Happy Birthday to him.

2008: Fun Mon-56 & Happy B'day
2007: 60 Today Happy Birthday to my Brother

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At 3/3/09 14:03, Blogger Asha said...

Everything is frozen here today after 6" snow y'day! No birds to see at all.

Happy birthday to your brother! :)

At 3/3/09 14:28, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy Birthday. The lady next door does the same trick with bird seed, outside her front door. Cool.

At 3/3/09 15:43, Blogger Sam said...

We give our birds nice stuff. Sometimes we even make them little bread cakes with bacon fat. They really like pizza crusts too. And garlic naan. They are friendly now and don't even fly away when Fred is on the deck anymore.

At 3/3/09 17:00, Blogger Beccy said...

Happy birthday Uncle David!

At 3/3/09 21:53, Blogger Pamela said...

mix some peanut butter in with the seeds

At 3/3/09 21:54, Blogger Pamela said...

Oh and a peanut butter sandwich for your brother, too. Happy birthday (:

At 3/3/09 22:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha you have more snow and so much.

Mal it's not working for me LOL

Sam your birds sound spoiled!

Pamela I have some almond butter in the cupboard will that work ?

At 5/3/09 00:05, Blogger elena jane said...

we have some seeds in the front yard mixed with pb and seeds and they were never eaten! :( not even the squirrels were tempted!


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