Sunday, March 04, 2007

Here's to the Girls

I have just been tidying up my email inbox and I came across this message from a friend sent to me back in January. As I read it again I thought of my fellow bloggers (sorry chaps but it could equally apply with a little adapting). As we share much of our lives through our musings I'm sharing this with all of you :

I am only as strong as the caffeine I drink, the hair serum I use and the girlfriends I have.

Here's to you!

Why do we only have parties for each other when one of us gets married, pregnant, has a birthday, or retires?

What would most of us do without our sisters, confidants, and shopping, lunching and travelling girlfriends?

Let's celebrate each other for each other's sake!

Someone will always be prettier.
Someone will always be smarter.
Their house will be bigger.
They will drive a better car.
Their children will do better in school.
And their husband will fix more things around the house.
So let it go, Be Happy!
And love yourself and your circumstances.

Think about it.
The prettiest woman in the world can have trouble in her heart.
And the most highly favoured woman on your job may be unable to have children.
And the richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes....might be lonely.
And the word says if "I have not Love, I have nothing."

So, again, love you.
Love who you are.
Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say "I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed!"

"Winners make things happen. Losers let things happen"
Be Blessed ladies and pass this on to encourage another woman.
"To the world you might be one person,
But to one person you just might be the world".



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At 4/3/07 17:47, Blogger Luciluna said...

Hi, Chris. Yes, yes, yes! That is truly the secret of a happy life. And the more we help one another to embrace this philosophy, the more happiness we create in our world.

At 4/3/07 18:07, Blogger Barbara said...

I never imagined I would miss working until I became umwell. Now when I see people going off to work each day I think how lucky they are.

At 4/3/07 18:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

Luciluna I so agree with you, sometimes we are so busy in our own little world we tell ourselves we don't have time but we should all make time for others and show how much we care.

Barbara the things that life throws at us often makes us re-evaluate things that most people take for granted like working (not sure I'm really expressing what I mean wish I could turn back the clock for you).

At 4/3/07 18:46, Blogger Purpleworms said...

What a lovely thought (group of them really). Thanks for this!!

At 4/3/07 19:07, Blogger ChrisB said...

Wendy I though you might like these after your nice comment on my last quotes.

At 4/3/07 20:43, Anonymous Lisa said...

That's beautiful, and too true. Also, I think women tend to be more picky about each other, instead of supporting one another we make snide remark, etc.
Let's support each other!

At 4/3/07 21:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

Lisa you're right about women being quite 'bitchy' although you were much more polite about it; however, since I've been blogging I think bloggers are actually very good at supporting each.

Also did you see I posted my tunes 1st March I think it was.

At 6/3/07 16:14, Anonymous elena jane said...

yes, support all your women friends...

At 6/3/07 21:47, Blogger ChrisB said...

elena jane 'hear hear' couldn't agree more


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