Friday, March 02, 2007

What's in my fridge

I'm rising to Lisa's (the food snob) challenge in her post yesterday to play

'What's in your fridge? Name at least five items, some you always have, others maybe more embarrassing'.

I thought that's great I don't have to think too much just take a couple of photos and write a bit of an explanation. Having just opened my fridge I'm having second thoughts, do I want to give away all my secrets, 'mmm thinks' they'll see I don't always observe the food safety rules. By this I mean I tend to stuff things into the fridge wherever there is a suitable space. Then I thought well what a good opportunity to look at everything and have a good clear out so that's what I have just done.

You might notice that I have five shelves and two salad boxes. The shelf with the tins belongs to my mother so I make no mention to those items except to say I rarely use canned food.

Top shelf couple tubs of Clover spread which hubby likes, I also keep jams, marmalade (all no added sugar) and mayonnaise. I admit that I found some out of date spiced mango chutney and caramalised onion chutney, plus a jar of the green tomato chutney from a batch I made back in the autumn. I can hardly reach this shelf without using my kitchen steps so this is probably why I couldn't remember what was at the back of the shelf.

2nd shelf uuugh I found a tub of left over cranberry sauce I made at Christmas that was growing mould (I didn't think you would want to see that close up, it was revolting). There was a half eaten jar of lumpfish caviar (hate the stuff myself) a tub of coleslaw, some fresh blueberries and strawberries (yes obviously imported at this time of the year). Some left over moussaka from yesterday (my lunch today).

3rd shelf cheese organic mature cheddar, a lump of parmigiano reggiano, organic sprouts, bacon, marg and unsalted butter for cooking, and some left over cooked sausages.

5th shelf all fresh mostly organic items such as natural yoghurt and veg (parsnip, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower and tenderstem broccoli) oh and a bag of iceberg lettuce.

Bottom salad drawers contain carrots, cucumber, courgettes, peppers (red and yellow), toms, lettuce, watercress, beans.
I think these shelves have proved to be rather dull and uninteresting

Now in the the door of the fridge I have the usual milk, organic butter and some wholemeal organic pitta bread and an open carton of tomato juice that I use in cooking it's got a couple of days grace before I need to get rid of it.
In the various compatments I found outdated bottle and jars of french dressing, horse radish and shop bought cranberry sauce (all thrown out). The balsamic and sea food dressing is just in date thank goodness as is the new jar of mint sauce.
There was a tube of prescribed ointment dated 2004 I can't even remember what it was for now.
There is a bag of organic pine nuts, a tub of philadelphia cream cheese (I bought this for a recipe I've seen on a food blog but now I can't rememberwhere I saw it so hope I saved it to
I have a full tube of garlic puree (for emergency use), fresh ginger, creamed coconut, vegetable cooking fat (specifically for making Yorkshire pudding).

Now the most unusual thing I have in the fridge is a culture of Kombucha (Lonevity Tea). You can learn more about this unusual mushroom here. It's been there for a couple of years but I have not used it recently, must have another go. This is a relic from two detox retreat holidays I won't go into all the details here but will just say psyllium,various enzyme powders, carrot juice, water, fruit tea and colonic cleansing. I'm sure you get the idea and yes it worked, well I did go back a second time but I fell by the wayside come Christmas and could not keep up the totally raw food diet which had been my aim.

I think the items in my fridge are rather boring but it's now been cleansed and I have Lisa to thank for this, so would anyone else like to share the content of their fridge with the world. Go on don't be shy you know how nosey some of us are!!.

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At 2/3/07 19:08, Blogger Beccy said...

What a healthy fridge as always mum, I'm missing your daily glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice.

At 2/3/07 19:30, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy I hadn't done the juicing when I took the photo but dad has a glass waiting and he has a fruit smoothie waiting. He came home at lunch time and spent afternoon in bed not feeling well.
By the way just to let you know I intend to use the jokes he sent on my blog. Don't want us to duplicate posts.

At 2/3/07 20:29, Anonymous elena jane said...

i have some photos of our fridge and freezer contents from the other week when my mom's email group were sharing them.
yours is much more healthy than mine though.
i love these photo challenges. i must find one weekly to do, somewhere.

At 2/3/07 20:58, Anonymous Karmyn said...

What a great idea for a post - You have some very interesting things in there - creamed coconut, garlic puree in a tube - kombucha - plus all that yummy organic stuff.

You sound healthy.

(ask me about my fridge on my post today - and yes, I'm pimping my blog and looking for blog topics)

At 3/3/07 06:06, Blogger Pamela said...

I don't recognize anything.
I posted my fridge last summer -
but I didn't name the mold forms.

right now it's very empty.
I've developed a paranoia about the grocery store

At 3/3/07 08:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

pamela I'm going to take a look at your fridge post, actually I quite like empty somehow feels neat and clean but I'm not too keen on grocery shopping (I never seem to get what my mother intended by following her list if you get my drift) so I only go once a week.

At 3/3/07 14:02, Blogger Asha said...

Good looking fridge and contents Chris.Looks a bit like mine except tins.I have lot of bottled pickles!!:))

At 3/3/07 14:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

asha the tins belong to my mother (that's her shelf) I rarely use tinned products (well except for tuna, baked beans and the occasional can of toms).
I haven't done any pickling for years, used to when my children were small but then ended up giving most away.

At 4/3/07 09:16, Blogger Barbara said...

I like to shop daily so my fridge is full of leftovers and sauces.

At 4/3/07 09:31, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara I certainly have the time to shop daily now I'm retired but I there's not enough good local shops except for the butcher so I tend to do a weekly with bit of top up.

At 4/3/07 21:21, Anonymous Lisa said...

Great post. You were much more detailed than I was.
I found (from someone, can't remember) if I write the month and year on jams, sauces, chiles, etc. that I have no excuse to keep them over a year, and I always know how old they are.
Of course, that doesn't help with petrified Robin's eggs!

At 5/3/07 10:19, Blogger ChrisB said...

Lisa I think my daughter Sam, did a post on cataloging her fridge and larder and suggested this. I really aught to do this because I never remember when I open things and sell by date isn't necessarily helpful.


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