Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday

Today my grandson will be celebrating his 16th Birthday. He promised that he would send me a photo but you know what teenage lads are like! So I've had to use what I had. The one above I took when I stayed with them last month and as you can see he found it difficult to take his eyes away from this laptop to look up and smile for the camera. I did find a few pictures from our holiday in Portugal last summer so Dillon happy memories.

We hope you have a lovely Birthday Dillon and we are looking forward to seeing you and Roisin when you come to visit us in April. Lots of love

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At 20/3/09 11:06, Blogger Beccy said...

We even looked at photos last night and he chose one to send you but I guess he never managed to hit the send button!

At 20/3/09 13:46, Blogger Steffi said...

Happy Birthday,Dillon!Oh Sweet sixteen...
Beautiful pics!

Steffi....and Nathalie

Greetings to Beccy!

At 20/3/09 19:18, Blogger Sally said...

Happy birthday Dillon! You were thirteen when I started my blog!!

At 20/3/09 19:24, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

WOW! 16!!!? Where has the time gone. Happy Birthday.

At 20/3/09 19:54, Blogger Asha said...

Happy "sweet" 16th birthday to him!
Yeah, forget about keeping the promises they make at least for 2 more yrs, may be after that I guess they will, fingers crossed! :D

Have a great weekend, hope Sun is out there.

At 20/3/09 22:39, Blogger WT said...

Happy 16th Dillon! Not long now, and you'll be driving.

At 20/3/09 22:43, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy Birthday :)

At 21/3/09 08:21, Blogger Beccy said...

Aprrently he tried to send the photos on thursday night but didn't have your email address.

At 21/3/09 12:58, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

Happy Birthday Dillion........ I looked after a little 3 year old named Dillion yesterday :)

Hope you had a wonderful day..... my Jacob will turn 16 this year, my youngest.....sigh... Im getting old lol


At 21/3/09 15:54, Blogger ChrisB said...

Thank you everyone.
Beccy I would still like to have the pictures he chose.

Sally and Karmyn it's frightening how fast the time goes.

Steffi officially an adult for some things.

Asha we have had nearly a week of sun so it really feels like spring is here.

WT I think he's looking forward to learning to drive.

Marmie 16 is quite a milestone for them. If you feel like you're getting old what about me LOL!

Not so many people spell it this way.

At 21/3/09 17:41, Anonymous Kila said...

16, wow!


At 22/3/09 14:44, Anonymous jettied said...

Beautiful town it looks to be!! oohh to be 16 again...and have a laptop!! Wow how times have changed!!


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