Monday, April 16, 2007

Fun Monday # 13

The challenge Bethany has set us this week is to answer James Lipton's ten questions. I've actually never heard of him or his TV programme (Inside the actors studio).

What is your favorite word?
Supercalifragilisticexpialedocious! For no other reason than it's the first word that came into my mind.

What is your least favorite word?
Existentialism- Well what the hell does it really mean- it's not about answers it's about questions he he.

What turns you on (creatively, spiritually or emotionally)?
Any sad story will have me in tears. So anyone who writes an emotional post will know I'm me sitting here in tears.

What turns you off?
Being put down, I can get very agressive if I feel I am being treated unjustly.

What is your favorite curse word?
Oh dear I don't really swear well not often I might say the odd damn, (knickers was a favourite when I was nursing) or sugar ( probably a substitute for another sh.. word.

What sound or noise do you love?
I'm always thrilled to hear the voices of my children and grandchildren on the phone. I also love it when they are staying with me all happy laughing and joking. Ben just loves to play tricks on me and his laugh is infectious.

Also I love the sound of the sea. What can be nicer than hearing the waves lapping on the shore particularly as it usually means I'm on holiday.

What sound or noise do you hate?
The sound of the alarm because if I've set it then it means that I absolutely have to get up rather than wake up naturally and relaxed.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?
Being wealthy - well it's a profession for some and I would sooo like to try it.

What profession would you not like to attempt?
A model, who'd would want to:
be thin, wear fantastic clothes and jewelery, travel the world, have enough money to buy whatever you think you want and mix with the 'A' list, always have to be dieting, (no chocolate, cakes or biscuits), live on salad and vegetables (no fish and chips or roast potatoes) and after all that still be air brushed because you don't look good enough. (how great does that make anyone feel)

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
I'd be happy if God said 'You are welcome here because you have tried to lead a good life, caring for your family, working hard and helping people, you have not always succeeded but you have always tried to do your best'.

Well there you have it I'm going to publish before I change my mind!!!



At 16/4/07 09:52, Blogger Beccy said...

I can vouch for the not swearing folks, we weren't even allowed to say crap.

Btw, I think you've succeeded in leading a good life, caring for your family, working hard and helping people.

You are the best Mum and I love you loads.

At 16/4/07 11:21, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy you are so sweet (what was that about being emotional sniff sniff) xx

At 16/4/07 12:23, Blogger mjd said...

You do seem like a very good person.

Existentialism is a a good choice. What does it mean? I tried to write a paper on the philosophy in high school. I gave up because I really did not understand.

At 16/4/07 14:11, Blogger Sabrina said...

Loved your interview, especially your answer to the last question. After reading yours and other entries, I think I will try not to curse so much. . .

At 16/4/07 14:17, Blogger Asha said...

I am back!:))

Lot of big words there to learn from you Chris! I feel angry as well when ppl put me down!!

Great read.

At 16/4/07 14:47, Anonymous Lisa said...

I admit the Mary Poppins word popped into my head at first, too!

At 16/4/07 15:15, Blogger ChrisB said...

mjd- I don't really begin to understand it buy I'll leave you with a quote from- Jean-Paul Sarte, "Existentialism" "Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. Such is the first principle of existentialism".

sabrina what's a few 'profanities' among friends.

asha I know exactly how you feel, it's so insulting.

lisa- great minds etc!!

At 16/4/07 15:25, Blogger frannie said...

I love the answer to the last question!

Knickers is a curse word? I just thought it meant pants.

At 16/4/07 15:28, Blogger Pamela said...

so far - I've been hitting myself in the head - saying to myself:
I wish I'd said that!! You made me feel all pudgy and sweet with your response regarding models. If God had wanted me to nibble lettuce all day I think he'd have made me a bunny. (:


Everyone has amusing and/or deep answers. Mine were much to short.

At 16/4/07 15:45, Blogger Sam said...

I think if you said that, God would send you packing back down to earth for another innings to have a little pre-heaven selfish fun first.

At 16/4/07 15:46, Blogger Kurt said...

Your favorite word?

I should give your nose a tweak for sounding so precocious!

At 16/4/07 15:48, Blogger Beccy said...

"sabrina what's a few 'profanities' among friends" obviously ok unlike a few profanities between family!

At 16/4/07 16:22, Blogger The very nice man said...

No need to change your mind, these are good answers!

At 16/4/07 16:22, Blogger ChrisB said...

frannie it was deemed a little bit naughty to refer to 'knickers'

pamela much as I love lettuce I agree but then that's only because I'm over weight and probably should eat even more of the stuff !

kurt I asked for that one !!

sam now there's a thought!!

At 16/4/07 16:42, Blogger Noelle said...

I spent most of college pretending to understand Existentialism. I still kind of do, because most of what I now know I learned from the movie "I Heart Huckabees," specifically Dustin Hoffman's blanket analogy.

At 16/4/07 17:10, Blogger Rachel said...

I love these answers! I totally agree that being weathly is a profession. I would most definitely attempt that!

Definitely would not want to be a model and have to diet all the time, I couldn't live without potatoes!

At 16/4/07 17:35, Anonymous Robin said...

1) :) Super.... also popped into my mind.

2) ha! on your second

3) Beccy's comment was (sniff sniff) so s w e e t!

4) I say "sugar", too. But isn't that just as bad b/c in my heart, I sure ain't sayin' somethin' sweet! (That should be spoken with a deep Southern drawl, btw).

5) Alarms of any kind make me jump! Even if I expect them.

At 16/4/07 17:54, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear chrisb. I too HATE the sound of the alarm. Unfortunately, I can never find any button other than 'snooze', so I hear it over, and over, and over again.

Beccy - you made ME feel emotional too!

And I wasn't allowed to swear when growing up but now that we're all grown up, my mum pulls out the swear words too.

At 16/4/07 20:04, Blogger ChrisB said...

noelle I didn't see the film although I read about it when it came out. Blanket analogy I think I saw as a trailer but don't remember the detail now.

rachel apparently research shows wealth does not bring happiness but I'd still like to see if that's true

robin sugar said with 'feeling' well screamed makes me feel better!

Little miss moi I know we're grown up but 'hard core swearing' just doesn't feel right to me and I still don't like to hear it come from the girls.

At 16/4/07 20:50, Blogger Amy W said...

I would not have even thought of not being a model, but I am totally with you on that! I like food too much! :)

At 16/4/07 21:45, Anonymous Stephanie said...

Love your answers, especially about the sound of the sea.

I've always lived no more than 2 hours from the coast. I have an irrepressable need to be near the water.

Matthew wants us to retire in Tralee, but I think even that's a little too far for me. Maybe Cork?

At 17/4/07 01:00, Anonymous swampwitch said...

Hey...this was fun Fun Monday...enjoyed your responses. It was interesting how so many were the same or at least similar.

At 17/4/07 01:02, Blogger my4kids said...

I love that word and try to teach the kids the song. To funny how many different ways they each say it!
I love the sound of the ocean also.

At 17/4/07 01:33, Blogger Bethany said...

I also love the sound of the ocean. Great list.

At 17/4/07 08:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

amy w It can't be much fun, after all what's better than good food, wine and good company!

stephanie both are lovely places beccy would like us to move to Ireland.

swampwitch I was struck by that we're obviously like minded.

my4kids its quite a fun word that kids seem to enjoy.

bethany nothing to beat the sea (providing all the family are with me) its so relaxing.

At 18/4/07 03:16, Blogger Barbara said...

I can swear with the best of them when necessary..but I try to not do it in front of anyone....well most of the time.

At 18/4/07 07:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara don't let the girls know but I do swear when this computer plays me up but there's noone here to tell on me!!

At 19/4/07 18:50, Blogger Beccy said...

Ha got it in writing Mum!

At 21/4/07 08:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy yes but its not often


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