Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Saturday....

I had to show you a picture of the lovely handmade chocolates that my grandson's girlfriend gave us (as you may know EmBee is diabetic so he could only try one)-oh dear what a pity I will have to eat the rest!
You might need to enlarge the second photo to see some of the unusual combination of flavours.

Yesterday I also had a package arrive from the tour operator, Wendy Wu, who is organising our China trip, I was most surprised to find it contained a leather wallet. Well maybe not leather but it looked like it!
Inside it contained our itinerary, tickets, labels, ID tag and a phrase book, space for cards, pen and a zipper purse. I thought this was a very neat idea and I was very impressed with the company. Maybe this is normal service but it's not something I've experienced before.
Having this arrive makes me realise it's only a week away before I head off to China and I've so much organising still to do.
The other thing we did yesterday was take the tortoises for their post hibernation weighing and measuring. Topsy and Tom had both lost just over 4oz over the winter and Tog a little less. Topsy weighs 5.3lbs; Tom 4lbs 15 oz and Tog 3lbs 13oz. They were all deemed healthy so that was good news.
Now look at the little tortoise below it fits in the palm of its owner's hand and is 3 years old.
I bet it doesn't weigh much and it looked so tiny when you compare it to my three or to Eric (below) he is enormous and weighs a whopping 7stone (98lbs). His owner says he eats masses-so is an expensive pet.
The last photo was a small group that were brought in for show.

There were lots of children at the garden centre, where we go, and they were fascinated with all the tortoises. Some had never seen a real one and wanted to touch them. We got talking to a chap who must have been in his 40's and he said they had always scared him as a child. He wanted to get over his fear and he did touch them and said we had done him a service. So I think we did our good deed for the day.

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At 19/4/09 18:15, Anonymous daffy said...

Poor Embee.... hehe I wonder who will eat the rest then? *ponders* You can post any left you know... hehe.
Very thoughtful gift!
Love the tortoise pictures, my friend st school had one and he peed on my knee!

At 19/4/09 21:15, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

YUM!!! Did she make those herself? They are so lovely to look at too - almost like little pieces of art. I could "almost" not eat them....but that feeling would probably not last long.

At 19/4/09 21:56, Blogger Beccy said...

Mollie is going away the same day as you but to nowhere near as exciting!

At 19/4/09 22:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy where is Mollie going?

At 19/4/09 22:18, Blogger ChrisB said...

daffy they do a lot of peeing and pooping when they get stressed LOL

Karmyn no they were bought but a speciality choc maker.

At 20/4/09 03:35, Blogger Alison said...

the chocolates look lovely, the package from your tour guide is a wonderful idea..but...I like the tortoises the most...they are so cute!! I am glad yours are healthy.

At 20/4/09 03:58, Blogger Amrita said...

Oh my good Chris you realy tempted me with the choco display.

That wallet looks neat. Have a good trip to China.

I love tortoises. These look so cute

At 20/4/09 04:32, Blogger Barbara said...

Have a wonderful time in China Chris.

At 20/4/09 07:13, Blogger Steffi said...

Wow... she make those herself,really?!Looks yummy!

Have a nice time in China,Chris!

At 20/4/09 17:07, Blogger Sam said...

that's 3 posts in one:

-nice touch from Dillon's GF

-nice touch from the travel agent

-nice touch that got a man over his fear of tortoises.


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