Thursday, May 28, 2009

China # 5 Time to Relax

Just to prove it wasn't all sight seeing. We had time to relax as we sailed down the Yangtze-so what's the film??

You can tell by the peculiar face I'm pulling I had no idea I was being photographed even though it looks like I was staring at the camera.These two (Keith and Gordon) were totally unaware of what was going on around them. I got roped into an entertainment sketch with these guys.When in doubt keep grinning!
What do you think of the hat!!!

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At 28/5/09 22:18, Anonymous Grannymar said...

I fancy the hat!

At 28/5/09 22:40, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

Love the hat....... I think the film is called 'throw wifey overboard' lol

looks like everyone was have a fun and relaxing time....


At 28/5/09 23:03, Blogger Sam said...

You look great mum! But has dad seen that first picture?

At 29/5/09 00:56, Blogger Rantz said...

Likes that hat very much and would like to get one himself.

Looks like you and yours had a great time on your holiday.

At 29/5/09 01:50, Anonymous Beckie said...

I think the hat matched your top!

You looked as if you were having a great time in that last one.

At 29/5/09 02:38, Anonymous MommyWizdom said...

I am so ready to quit the kids and have fun! Blech, I have many years to go though. Glad you're having a good time - love the hat!

I wanted to invite you to join us for Fun Monday on June 1st.

Come check out the topic at MommyWizdom.

At 29/5/09 06:49, Blogger A Spot of T said...

LOVE the first photo, so cute! And I love the hat too :o)

At 29/5/09 10:22, Blogger Beccy said...

Love the hat mum, I thought I didn't recognise it. I'm just wondering are you starting a collection of hats? I recall that you bought one in Portugal.

At 29/5/09 15:10, Anonymous jettied said...

beautiffirst picture!! And you look like your having a blast!!!!!!! and a great hat at that!!!!!!!!

At 29/5/09 17:26, Blogger john.g. said...

Great pics Chris!

At 29/5/09 19:48, Blogger ChrisB said...

grannymar it's a great hat because it folds flat.

marmie didn't you recognise Leonardo and Kate LOL.

Sam dad has seen it and so has Keith's wife she was stood right there.

Rantz the group of people I travelled with were great fun.

Beckie the inside reflected the colour and was supposed to keep you cool.

M.W I had to wait until I retired, but it was worth the wait.

Joy I should have brought a few more hats home with me to distribute!

Beccy -the Portugal hat is too big foe me so if you want it it's yours.

john :)

At 30/5/09 12:34, Blogger WT said...

Love the hat Rose!

At 30/5/09 16:48, Blogger Amrita said...

Great hat and smile to match

At 2/6/09 19:52, Blogger Steffi said...

Absolutly great pictures!You looks really lucky,Chris!


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