Saturday, June 13, 2009

Award and Meme

Now with this lovely award from Hannah comes a little task:

I have to tell you about

Five Obsessions.......I don't really have obsessions however.....

1 I think my family would say I was obsessive about blogging and that one or two!!!

2 Embee says I'm obsessive about my daughters and grandchildren-well they are very important to me.

3 I love my camera and nearly always carry it with me....I would hate to miss a good blog photo!!!!

4 I do like my hair to be reasonably tidy although if you could see it now you might not agree!

5 I do the quick crossword in the daily mail every day and I enjoy playing bookworm online.

These are not very exciting or revealing obsessions, probably just normal things that most of you can relate to!!!

and Five hates........

1 I detest junk mail, spam emails and spam blog comments

2 I also hate cold calling telephone calls and coming home to messages on the answerphone from companies trying to get you to call back. I sometimes shout at the phone!!

3 I get really fed up when Embee will not tidy away his clean laundry..... he prefers to leave it in a huge pile!!

4 I am frustrated that my knee and hip pain restrict some activities, however I'm doing the 'Race for Life' tomorrow so I try not to let it stop me doing things that are important.

5 I hate that I only have to look at a cake or chocolate to gain a few pounds

Well that's it.....and now pass this on to five friends. This is the part I find difficult because I have many more than five friends and I do know a lot of people aren't that keen on being tagged.
So what I'm going to do is name 5 people but not actually tell them so if they read this post and decide to take up the challenge that is fine or they can creep away and pretend they didn't see it.

Lil Mouse"

Thank you Hannah I did my best.

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At 14/6/09 00:50, Blogger WT said...

"1. I detest junk mail, spam emails and blog comments."

I think that sentence may need some minor tweaking, unless that's exactly what you meant to say, in which case I'll desist from commenting in future. ;)

At 14/6/09 04:57, Anonymous Kila said...

Laughing at WT's comment, as I was about to say the same thing. Aren't we mean?

I guess we should count plurking and blogging as two separate things. Plurking quickly became my favorite. Now if we can just get you on facebook!

At 14/6/09 08:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT I would hate not getting comments on my blog so yes I've tweaked. Thanks

Kila I'm still sitting on the fence over FB but the fence is wobbling so you never know!

At 15/6/09 10:59, Blogger karisma said...

HEHE! giggles at the comments. I agree with you on all those, except I have crossed over to facebook more than plurk. Not that Im very good at that either. I did not even turn on my computer for 3 days. No wonder my blog is getting neglected. I can't seem to keep up with it.

At 15/6/09 11:51, Anonymous daffy said...

What a lovely award!
I'll take up the meme...
Do I get the award too? I have a space on my mantle piece that's all...
Has the post arrived yet? Should I go in today and have a word with them? I put the post code on and everything.
Grrrrr at the post office!

At 15/6/09 14:36, Blogger Amrita said...

Oh I se you got me tagged.Ok I 'll keep that in mind.

Hurray for the race.

What is plurking?

At 15/6/09 17:22, Blogger ChrisB said...

Amrita "plurk' is a social network, it means you can log on and chat, if you are interested I will invite you to join.

At 15/6/09 17:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

Daffy look forward to reading and seeing the award in pride of place :)


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