Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Monday # 120 Food Glorious Food

Our hostess this week is Margaret and she wants to talk about food; what could be better a topic close to my heart! She says:

If you could choose one “main course” item and one dessert item that would, just for you, contain zero calories for the rest of your life (or zero cholesterol, zero points, or whatever your most important dietary measure is)…what would you choose? Post a pic of your chosen items if you like, or just make us drool with a description!

Now all the food I like is very calorific so this would be the perfect answer to my dietary requirements.....choosing just one dish has been really difficult so I'm going with a traditional English roast beef dinnerthen again does that beat home made fish and chips....not sure!!
I have used these collages before so some of you may remember them.

As for dessert well I guess it will be ice cream and I've chosen just two flavours of
Chocolate and Mint Choc Chip

Sadly I can feel my waist expanding as I write; I know I will be drooling when I come visiting but it's lovely to dream.

2007: Greetings from the Dordogne

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At 22/6/09 15:38, Anonymous jill said...

as to being hungry and feeling your waist expand... yeah we didnt have dinner until 9 last night, and I should have eaten more, but figured it would give me nightmares! as it was I dreamed that I missed out on taking my final exams at college and was going to fail, but struggled an hour behind to try and get through something I had never even heard of as to how to get away from a grizzly bear, on an exam! I was glad when the baby wailed in her sleep and woke me from that dream. Love the ice cream as a chioce!

At 22/6/09 16:23, Anonymous daffy said...

Fish & Chips! I could sort that out right now!

At 22/6/09 16:26, Blogger m (the misanthrope) said...

Isn't it wonderful to dream? Mmmm, fish and chips *drool* Fabulous post and pics, thank you!

At 22/6/09 19:12, Blogger Jettie said...

oohh yum...I haven't ate yet and it's after 1....I wasn't hungry till now!!

At 22/6/09 19:51, Blogger Faye said...

Yes, we should be wearing our expandable eating pants for this Fun Monday. Very clever illustrations of your favs, Chris. Re fish and chips, I'm remembering--with pleasure--watch the lovely Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks coming back from 8 years in a Russian prison and asking Harry to stop off to get him some fish and chips before they get to Thames House! Are you an MI-5 or Robin Hood fan?

At 22/6/09 20:14, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jill I never like eating too late at night.

Daffy home made are best but I don't cook them often.

Margaret food is always a good topic.

Faye I'm a fan of Spooks and Robin Hood.

Jettie reading about food on an empty tummy makes it too tempting.

At 22/6/09 22:21, Blogger Janis said...

Love both of your choices. And ice cream is another one of my favorites. Like your photo assortment.

At 22/6/09 23:22, Anonymous margaret said...

PS Chris, about the choc and peanut butter - I think it's an American thing. When I lived in Ireland, my best friend and I had nearly identical tastes in everything...except peanut butter. I adored it and she thought it was disgusting, with or without chocolate! So the PB/choc thing must be uniquely American.

However, I am jealous of all you UK and Ireland-dwellers...all you have to do is wander to your local newsagent's and there you will find the finest Twirls, Flakes and Dairy Milks *drool* Anyway, thanks again for playing, and for the thought-provoking comments!

At 23/6/09 00:04, Blogger The Church Lady said...

I share your passion for ice cream! That would have to be my favorite dessert. A hot fudge sundae - yum yum~~!

At 23/6/09 01:38, Anonymous Mariposa said...

Now I'm craving for some fish and chips!

I eat ice cream at midnight and eat anytime I want...LOL

At 23/6/09 01:47, Blogger Sandy said...

Ooh, Haagen Dazs. I think I have to go to the store now.

At 23/6/09 05:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 23/6/09 06:26, Blogger Sam said...

too bad you can't have some of my homemade mint choc chip ice cream made with all local ingredients (bar the chocolate which is locally produced but not grown), instead of mass produced Haagen Dazs

At 23/6/09 12:15, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I would love to be eating your homemade ice cream.

At 23/6/09 12:26, Blogger Beccy said...

How come I've never sampled your homemade fish and chips.

At 24/6/09 07:06, Blogger Steffi said...

You makes me hungry , Chris!Delicious!

At 24/6/09 07:06, Blogger Steffi said...

You makes me hungry , Chris!Delicious!


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