Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Witty Wednesday # 103 Who's naughty!!!!

Thanks for the laughs Daffy how clever am I, that I blame others for the risqué jokes.

It's all downhill to the weekend have a fun day.

2008: Storks of Silves-Portugal-2
2007: The Weary Wanderer Returns

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At 8/7/09 09:20, Blogger Beccy said...

Some funny ones there mum, there's a few I can't see though!

At 8/7/09 15:43, Blogger john.g. said...


At 8/7/09 17:02, Blogger Amrita said...

naughty indeed!!!

At 8/7/09 17:55, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

hahaha - I am dying over here.

At 8/7/09 17:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Those are great.
A much-needed Wednesday laugh, thanks!

At 8/7/09 18:58, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Some of those were brilliant!

At 8/7/09 19:58, Anonymous daffy said...

Such smut!


At 9/7/09 03:28, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear chrisb. Hilarious! I love these. A very witty wendesday indeed.

Oh and I hope you survived the downpours - did they hit Bristol?

At 10/7/09 16:14, Anonymous rummuser said...

Funny is an understatement!


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