Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It never rains but it pours! Episode # 1

Last weekend we embarked on a new project and not one that we really imagined we would be doing. I think I mentioned earlier in the year that Embee painted the railings around our little balcony at the rear of our house. Once he'd finished painting I then cleaned the decking, in doing this I noticed that some of the supports were beginning to rot and had some wood worm. At first we thought it was just the exterior pieces of wood that could easily be replaced. However once these were removed we realised that we would need to lift some of the decking and check further. I expect you've guessed by now that we eventually discovered, it was not a simple task. The current decking, which is solid mahogany, had been so well laid (by Embee) it could not be easily removed without damage, so the whole lot had to come up and everything is being replaced.
The quality of the new decking is nothing like as superior as the old and I'm not sure that I will really like it. I've been trying to remember just how long it has been down but it's certainly not the 20 yrs Embee thought it would last. I remember him saying it would see us out- well he got that wrong! The start of the task.Not looking good!Out with the old, even the good stuff.Some things are best done sitting down. and on Sunday evening you are left with a gaping hole.

Of course I then decided that we should clean and repaint the walls, and I know it will not be seen but it will certainly tidy it up nicely. Yesterday I scrubbed the walls with bleach to get rid of the mould and Embee has given them a couple of coats of masonary paint and they look so much better, despite the rainstorms we had last night.

I meant to take a picture this evening but forgot. All the old wood is being recycled to a pal of Embee's who is using it to fuel his wood burner so that's good.

The timber decking needs to fully dry out before I can treat it and with thunderstorms every night I have no idea how long this will take.

Next stage is the fix the supports...so to be continued.

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At 1/7/09 00:18, Blogger WT said...


At 1/7/09 01:35, Blogger Pamela said...

makes one want to just live in a tent and move it now and then...
I get so frustrated with money pits

At 1/7/09 03:21, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

The joys of woodwork! D'oh!

Hope you're able to stay cool in your hot weather!!!!

At 1/7/09 09:48, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT or even something a little stronger and I don't usually swear LOL.

Pamela we are thankful embee is still working but only for another 1-3 months and then the project will be completed and he will be put to grass.

Mal the humidity is a bit trying but we're OK thanks.

At 1/7/09 13:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And we've been basking in glorious sunshine for a few weeks now!

At 1/7/09 16:39, Anonymous Beckie said...

Our deck/balcony needs work. This post kind of scares me. I know when we get into our project it is going to be much larger than what we anticipate.

At 2/7/09 11:13, Blogger Steffi said...

Looks really busy,Chris!Here is it so hot at the moment - I am to lazy to work outside!

At 3/7/09 17:38, Anonymous wendishness said...

I always like to hear that things are being recycled lol

At 7/7/09 01:15, Blogger Debbie said...

Annoying. Especially when you start out thinking it'll be nice quick little fix-up.
I hope you like how it turns out, though.


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