Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hate wasting money! + Happy Birthday Fred

Yesterday was not one of my best days. I was really annoyed because I got a parking ticket even though when I left my car it was legally parked and I returned well within the two hour limit. Let me explain:

I sit on an advisory board for a local Children's Centre and we meet every three months. When I arrived yesterday there were no other cars parked in the road outside so I parked about a foot within the white lines, and there was plenty of space for more cars behind me. So far so good, I went over the road to the meeting and when I returned about an hour and a half later the front of my car was several feet outside the box and onto the double yellow lines. I saw it immediately and rushed across but it was too late there was a parking ticket on the windscreen.

I really couldn't understand how the car had moved. It was particularly annoying because two of the community support Officers (attached to the police) were at the meeting and it is my guess they were the ones who issued the notice. When I got into the car it was in gear but the hand break was not that tight so I can only guess it rolled forward those few feet or someone shunted it. There was a car parked very close to the rear of my car so to an observer it looked like I had stopped in front of that car.

I wondered whether to challenge it but decided that I couldn't prove I had parked correctly so I paid up at a 50% reduction for paying within 14 days. I hate wasting money like this and that made it a very expensive cup of coffee and a biscuit.


Now onto a happier note......
today is Fred's birthday (my daughter Sam's partner), it is also Bastille day and a French national holiday. So Happy Birthday from all of us Fred and I hope all the other French people who might be celebrating have a wonderful day.

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At 15/7/09 00:21, Blogger WT said...

Were there any marks on your car?

This is a true story, I used to work in Sydney and lived about 1.5hr train ride away. One morning I parked my car where I always did, that evening when I returned, there was not only a nice new "1 hour Parking" sign next to it, but there was also a fine on the windshield.

At 15/7/09 00:27, Blogger karisma said...

Oh that makes me so mad too! We also had happen to us what WT did. This time there was no sign and we challenged it and took pictures but then they put up signs and said too bad. It ended up costing 3 times as much as it would have if we paid straight away. So not fair.

I would have been checking for marks on your car too. Someone must have hit it for it to move that far.

At 15/7/09 02:09, Blogger Pamela said...

grrrrrrrrrr. That gets my growl up.

At 15/7/09 04:36, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It amazes me how some of us get frivolous tickets while others can seem to flout the law flagrantly with no consequences.

At 15/7/09 09:05, Blogger Beccy said...

Poor you mum, I hope your car is ok, knowing you I'm sure you checked for marks.

At 15/7/09 18:48, Blogger Sam said...

Annoying. I got a parking ticket on Sunday too. I was little over the red, but usually this doesn't matter as long as you aren't blocking anything (which I wasn't). They ticketed a mini and my car but hadn't ticketed a load of others that were a whisker over the red all along the street. I suspect there is one rule for the neighbours and one rule for everyone else.

If it's further consolation - I often forget to put my handbrake on when I park or alternatively, drive off forgetting to release the handbrake and then wonder why my car is sluggish...

At 19/7/09 10:40, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

:( say NO to parking tickets for silly non harmful reasons....grrrrrrrrr



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