Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Monday # 124 In the summertime....

Janis has found the perfect summer topic and she says:

Since the Lazy Hazy Days of summer are upon us now, tell us what activities you enjoy doing outside and how do you stay cool.

I don't think it will come as any surprise to those who know me that the best summer activities for me are those which involve my family. In a month's time Sam and Beccy will be coming to stay. Beccy will be bringing my two youngest grandchildren and we have lots of outdoor fun planned. For example: bike ride, a visit to Alton Towers (am I getting too old for this I ask myself...I can always look after the bags!!!! LOL), and a balloon ride.

As we will not be going on any exotic trips abroad this summer, one thing I enjoy is looking back on past summer holidays and all this water certainly makes me feel cool!

I think Ben (my youngest grandson) was too young to remember his first trip to Portugal.
I'm not even sure he remembers much about going to Florida!He certainly remembers his second trip to Portugal last year.
Much as I love the coast of Britain and we've spent many happy holidays in Cornwall over the years-you cannot guarantee good weather. However, despite the cold, I did manage to paddle last time we had a holiday there back in 2005 (if I'm wrong on the date I'm sure Beccy will put me right). Much of the summer when I'm home alone you will find me pottering about in my own back yard and if there is a good sunset I'm happy.

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else spends their summer

2008: Blueberries-Home grown fruit is best
2007: Views of Niagara Falls

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At 13/7/09 19:41, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Can anyone tell me what 'summer' is?

Here in Northern Ireland we have rain, rain and even more rain. The scenery is lost in grey low cloud and I needed to put a light on at 6pm. Now I want to put the heat on!!!

At 13/7/09 21:14, Blogger Janis said...

I know your looking forward to having your grankids visit. It looks like you know how and where to go to stay cool. Kids love the water thats for sure. Beautiful sunset photo. Thanks for playing FM Chrisb

At 13/7/09 23:49, Blogger Beccy said...

After the rain we've been having I'd love to be somewhere hot with a pool right now.

At 14/7/09 00:53, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Oh that will be so nice to spend some time with your family and grandkids. Your holiday photos are great!

At 14/7/09 03:55, Blogger Faye said...

Thanks so much for sharing your summer holiday photos with us, Chris. We Fun Mondayers are certainly a well-traveled group. Sounds like your children and grands will be spending a good bit of time with you this summer. We'll look forward to photos of the balloon ride.

BTW, have been to England several times but not to Cornwall. It's still on my list. Recently watched several episodes of the Inspector Linley Mysteries set in Cornwall--looked wild but beautiful.

At 14/7/09 14:41, Blogger Cruise Mom said...

What beautiful photos you have, and yes, pools and water are the best way to stay cool!

At 14/7/09 21:28, Blogger ChrisB said...

grannymar I'll be in Ireland on Weds so I'm hoping for some good weather.

Faye next time you are in England I would say definitely try and make it to Cornwall.

At 15/7/09 02:10, Blogger Pamela said...

I'm so busy doing the summer thing that I missed fun Monday --
and haven't had time for any blogging, really.

At 16/7/09 04:11, Blogger Amrita said...

You certainly are lucky to enjoy holidays in such pleasant places.

At 16/7/09 13:22, Anonymous margaret said...

Still making the rounds...belatedly, I know! Anyway - fabulous pics, and gorgeous pool! Keep a beach chair for me, I'll be right over *giggle* Happy late FM to you!


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