Friday, January 23, 2009

What Breed of Dog are you!

I saw this over at Happily Retired Girl and of course I had to have a go.

You Are an American Bulldog

You are a very imposing, powerful creature... but deep down, you're generally good natured.
You are incredibly energetic, and you like to blow off steam with sports and horsing around.

You are naturally courageous. You would run into a burning building to save someone you loved.

You intimidate people without trying to. Some people assume the worst of you when they first meet you.

I would never ever see myself as an *American Bulldog* however some of that might be near the truth!
I know this is a strange topic combination in one post but as I haven't mentioned food for a while I wanted to share a meal we had earlier in the week:

I don't do new year resolutions but I decided that I would start the year off by using up some of the food that has been forgotten stored in my chest freezer. I found some salmon steaks that had been in there a lot little longer than recommended. I knew they would not taste that good so I decided to make them into fishcakes and thought with seasoning they might be passable.
Now I know what you are thinking that's a pretty big fishcake. To be honest once I had mixed everything together, I changed my mind as I thought fish pie would be an easier option. I'll admit it was not the best meal I've ever made but Embee ate it without complaining. Now I wonder what I'll use up next time!
In case you are wondering there is no recipe- you can add whatever you fancy. I put in some fresh parsley, corn and topped with cheese sauce.

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At 23/1/09 11:40, Blogger WT said...

You say it wasn't the best meal you've ever had, but I have to say it looks pretty good to me.

At 23/1/09 11:51, Anonymous jettied said...

it looks scrumpsous!!

At 23/1/09 12:52, Blogger Asha said...

Well....first half of the Bull Dog applies to me but sports and stuff, I don't do! :D

Pie looks yum. Simple thrown together meal is the best tasting sometimes. Enjoy the leftovers! :)

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday. We are planning to buy a new dining set and a china cabinet on Saturday.

At 23/1/09 17:43, Blogger john.g. said...

Looks good to me!

Did you try the recipe I sent you?

At 23/1/09 18:08, Blogger Sabrina said...

It looks great! Like good ol' comfort food! As for the dog bit, I'm just sick as a dog!

At 23/1/09 18:21, Anonymous Kila said...

It looks good, and everything is better with cheese!

As for the breed of dog I am: You Are a Bullmastiff

You are confident, reasonable, and very calm. Nothing shakes you up.
It's likely that you were a bit wild when you were younger, but you've gotten that out of your system.

The only time you get aggressive is when someone tries to threaten or harm you in some way.
There's a little bit of wolf underneath all that sheep's clothing!

At 23/1/09 19:34, Blogger Pamela said...

doesn't look like fish at all!!

I've seen that vegetable on your plate before.

I wonder if an American Bull Dog would eat it. heh heh heh

At 23/1/09 19:36, Blogger Pamela said...

I took the test and I'm an American Bull Dog, too.

Now pass the food.

At 23/1/09 21:53, Blogger Sally said...

I came out as a labrador retriever!

At 23/1/09 23:07, Blogger Betty said...

I don't know how it tasted, but it looks good.

At 24/1/09 01:19, Anonymous happily retired gal said...

Thanks for the linky-luv and for playing along with this 'doggie' quiz. I really WANTED to be a Labrador Retiever, but settled for Beagle. These dishes look tantalizing delicious to me ... and I may need to stop blogging to fix dinner now.
Hugs and blessings,

At 24/1/09 02:37, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I came out as a Boxer - which didn't really fit me. (hyper? no)

At 26/1/09 08:53, Blogger Steffi said...

It looks good and I think it´s delicious too!


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