Thursday, January 22, 2009

This and That!!

The weather was very windy last weekend and when I dew back the curtains on Sunday morning I noticed a piece of guttering amongst the shrubs.
My heart sank because I envisaged having to get scaffolding erected and the £££ signs were dancing in front of my eyes!
Once we went outside to have a look, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief as it was not from our house. It came from our neighbour's house. They run a B&B; Embee went round to break the bad news and when I came home from shopping the following day this is what I saw. Luckily he is a builder so will be able to fix it himself!
I have just been along the street to the bank and I see my neighbour is up there fixing it. I bet he's finding it cold but at least it isn't raining!

I have a little dilemma which is whether or not to replace our heating boiler. I've had the engineer here this morning doing the annual service. He didn't find anything wrong and he can still get parts for this model. So far so good. However, if it begins to leak water that's when it cannot be mended. Now given that this boiler is about 27 years old it could decide to expire at any time.

This is where the fun would begin as there are lots of new regulations regarding heating boilers, so it would not, necessarily, be a straight swap. Apparently I could get like for like, as they are available, but I would have to prove why I couldn't meet the new regulations and get a special certificate for selling the house. Seems OK but these boilers are not as efficient as the more modern ones (which incidentally are only made to last 15 years).

For an upgrade, it would cost a fortune to replace the boiler in the same position as it is now, as it is unlikely that the flue is properly lined and it would be impossible to vent it to the outside. It would involve scaffolding and extra pumps, at this point it got a bit too technical for me!!

The third option would be to re-site the boiler to the cellar where it could go against an outside wall for venting, and install a radiator in the breakfast room where the boiler currently sits in the old fire place. This would probably be the best option as it would keep the cellar warmer and overall help keep the house warmer. I think this would also be quite costly.

Of course as the guy said "if you are considering moving in the next five years do nothing and hope it keeps going then it's not your problem".
We have no plans to move at the moment but there will be a point when we have to downsize so that has to come into the equation. The other thing I'm thinking is.... if we have this work done I might not be able to afford to travel.... and how would I feel about that as I still have a long bucket list!!

So Embee and I have to discuss the options and make a decision. Best not to do these things in a hurry so he can read this and ponder it while he's at work!!!

I'm sure none of this is of any interest to anyone but us....but should you have an opinion I would love to hear it.

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At 22/1/09 17:03, Anonymous Kila said...

I hope your neighbor stays safe!

Your third option of putting it in the cellar sounds good to me.

Hmm, freeze or travel, that's a tough choice! But if you travel to a warm location, not having heat at home wouldn't matter!

At 22/1/09 17:32, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Replacing such expensive items is not fun. I see a new roof in our near future.

At 22/1/09 19:12, Blogger Asha said...

Yeah, weather is scary these days, it's bone chilling cold here but will improve from tomorrow.

Glad your home is not damaged, repairs and maintaintanance are expensive!!

The reason why we live in this smaller house compared to our colleagues'"big" houses is once kids move out it will be too big for us and small enough to maintain reasonably and spend some money on traveling as well.
Once the basic improvement is over, we will start thinking of seeing the world before we can't able to walk! :D

I say downsize, travel and have fun than spending money on the house!:))

At 22/1/09 23:10, Blogger ChrisB said...

Kila I think 3rd option is the one. But we won't be doing anything in a rush.

AC been down the roof road now that is major work.

Asha problem is we still need the space as my mother lives with us and needs her own rooms. She says she would manage in one room but I know she wouldn't.

At 23/1/09 03:09, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I think it stinks that newer models are only built to last 15 years.

It is a tough call whether or not to replace it with a new one - especially if the cost of parts is so much cheaper.

Our furnace is on its last legs too - and we are just keeping our fingers crossed it doesn't go out until we are ready to remodel (which may or not happen depending on the economy).

At 23/1/09 07:07, Blogger bermudabluez said...

It is a very tough call....and one of the decisions I think all homeowners need to make at some point. Since my husband just retired, I guess we are fortunate that we already replaced the heating / boiler system. But there's still a PLENTY of things to be done around here....every single room needs something it seems. First really expensive job will be the kitchen...needs new floor and alot of updating...then the upstairs bathroom....and on it goes! We are choosing to take a trip first though. My husband has had many friends that retired then either the husband or the wife became ill....and they weren't able to travel. we go!

At 23/1/09 08:45, Blogger Beccy said...

I would put travel first...but then you already know that!

At 23/1/09 08:51, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear chrisb. I have the solution! You can sell up, and you, Embee and your mum can move to Australia, where you'll never need a boiler again :o)

Seriously, I have no idea what to do, seeing as i've never owned a heater, let alone dealt with a boiler. And here in Ukraine, the city creates our heat in a heating factory, pumps it underground to all the apartments in the city... While I know this must be a huge waste of resources, it does mean I don't have to worry about anything!

At 23/1/09 11:49, Anonymous jettied said...

now thats a tuff one!! I think i'd move....

At 23/1/09 20:03, Blogger Barbara said...

I would put the new efficient boiler in. But then I don't have a travel budget and might feel differently if I did. My travel is limited to Australia for the moment and is affordable. For people like us who love to travel to have it curtailed is a nuisance.

We are happy to have downsized to an apartment. although at the moment we have sons and girlfriends here on weekends and it's a bit crowded.


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