Friday, November 14, 2008

Corfu Keykera # 5 Mon Repos

I know my holiday in Corfu is rather a distant memory but I still have several draft post of photos so I thought as it was a dreary day I would cheer myself up by posting a few reminders of sunnier times.
One of the places I enjoyed visiting was the birth place of Prince Philip which is now a museum.

It is very quiet peaceful walking in the grounds and you get some lovely views from the top of the house.
One of the people who organised this trip has a very special connection to Corfu. Her great-great grandfather (John Davenport Shakespear) was stationed there with the British army back in 1856. Her great grandmother was born on the island and baptized in St Georges Church on the Old Fortress, same as Prince Philip.
The family lived in a flat above Edward Lear and they became friends. Lear sold Shakespear a 'photograhic machine' in 1858 and he took many photographs of the Island. This collection of photos have now been made the centre of a permanent exhibition; and is housed in one of the rooms in Mon Repos. I feel very privileged to have been present at the preview, organised to coincide with our visit. The exhibition is a very important record of the social history of Corfu. The original photo album is now in a special glass case to ensure it is properly preserved.
We were also allowed to tour the whole house including the top floor, which is used for educational visits.
Below you see one of the pictures of an artifact excavated nearby.

You might just be able to make out all the little pottery pots in the miniature kiln.

The top room is circular and the central windows looks down on the floors below.

So should you ever visit Corfu I would recommend a visit to Mon Repos.

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At 14/11/08 18:36, Blogger Beccy said...

Looks good, I'm talking to you as I type.

At 14/11/08 18:40, Blogger Beccy said...

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At 14/11/08 18:40, Blogger Beccy said...

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At 15/11/08 07:04, Blogger karisma said...

Oh stop making me jealous! I would like to travel and dig up history but I simply do not have the time! One day! Sigh! Actually I would be quite content to get one of those Winnebago's (big luxury house on wheels) and spend about 20 years traveling around Australia! That would suit me just fine! One can only dream hey?

At 15/11/08 09:22, Blogger Beccy said...

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At 15/11/08 09:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy what are you doing to my comments!

At 15/11/08 22:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw Chris I am so pleased you did post those pics, they have just cheered me up an awful lot! :o)

At 16/11/08 02:40, Blogger Pamela said...

I'll wait until orgranize a tour grin

At 16/11/08 09:19, Blogger Alison said...

gorgeous pictures..

At 16/11/08 16:51, Blogger Debbie said...

Beautiful. I would LOVE to travel there someday.

Off to go and look at your other photos now. :)

At 17/11/08 06:39, Blogger Steffi said...

Great holiday pictures!Looks like a nice time there!


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