Friday, November 07, 2008

What's happening today...

.....not a lot as it happens, so this will just be a snap shot of my day!

I got up really early because I was due to have my Kirby vacuum cleaners serviced first call this morning. That was a waste of time because, of course, the guy arrived over an hour after I expected him and I was pacing up and down feeling very frustrated.
However, during this time, I did manage to catch up with plurk! I also happened to look out of the window and what did I see.....the local council lorry sweeping the road something I haven't seen being done for a very long time. The trouble is the road didn't actually look any different after they had finished.
The young man who finally arrived is, as I type, sitting on the floor making a good job of servicing my vacuums he even let me take a photo for this post!
He put a lot of effort into the service and even polished the vacs; he wasn't pushy like some I've had in the past who are more interested in selling products than doing the job they came to do. All done and shining bright as you can see below.

The other thing I had to deal with this morning was a rotting pumpkin. I have been keeping this pumpkin, grown by my friend Tina, to make pumpkin soup for us both. She is currently on holiday so I wasn't planning on making the soup until next week. The pumpkin had been fine when I looked at it earlier in the week (when I took the picture) but this morning it had dripped liquid everywhere including into my mothers shopper. Luckily I was able to clear it before she saw it. There must have been over a pint of liquid in the lid of the shopper, but what the eye doesn't see the heart won't grieve and it cleaned up very well as the bag part is plastic. Panic over! I even managed to salvage enough of the remaining pumpkin to make the soup and it is safely stored in the fridge.

About an hour ago we had a brief storm and there was a beautiful rainbow but in the time I ran to get the camera it had begun to fade and this is the picture I managed to snap.

The final thing to show you for today is this book that arrived in the post. It came from my very good friend Daffy who has already sent me several books recently. I love her choice of books and so does my mother; I know we are going to enjoy this one as much as we did the others. So thank you Daffy-my mother has just got up from her rest and is looking at the book right now and she also says a big thank you..

Well that's it folks, in between this I did a few chores, chatted to a friend on the phone for half an hour and had a toasted cheese snack for lunch. I did not get to go for my usual Friday swim, but that can't be helped. Now it's off to do some vacuuming and ironing..boring! Hope you all have a good weekend.

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At 7/11/08 17:52, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I dunno. Are you sure about salvaging part of the rotting pumpkin?

At 7/11/08 18:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have 2 Kirby cleaners!!! how posh are you!
Your kirby man looks very happy to have his photo taken!
Enjoy the book and have a great weekend! x

At 7/11/08 19:05, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC I think it will be Ok because all the bad bit has been cut away.

daffy there is a story behind having two vacs. I upgraded and got to keep the old one and got a new vacuette thrown in as well.

At 7/11/08 20:44, Blogger Beckie said...

I love it when you do posts like this. My son gets a kick out of it whenever you mention the council lorry - even it it does look suspiciously like what we call the street sweeper.

My mom used to have a Kirby - I liked it a lot. I wonder what happened to it...?

At 7/11/08 22:51, Blogger lisaschaos said...

Your Kirby guy looks like he did a nice job! :)

And I loved this phrase ". . . but what the eye doesn't see the heart won't grieve. . ."

At 7/11/08 22:57, Blogger ChrisB said...

beckie I think it might actually be called a street sweeper here!

lisa that's fairly common saying here and it most definitely applies to my mother-I can tell you she is a lot happier not knowing quite a lot of things! LOL

At 8/11/08 00:40, Blogger Sam said...

that phrase definitely applies to my mother also - I can tell you she is a lot happier not knowing quite a lot of things! LOL

At 8/11/08 00:43, Blogger Sam said...

PS - did your pumpkin look like this?

At 8/11/08 01:04, Blogger karisma said...

Damn that pumpkin! I had the same thing happen to me not so long ago! I salvaged and it was fine!

At 8/11/08 02:59, Blogger kitten said...

KB decorated a pumpkin at church. It's the pumpkin in the little cartoon I made for the kids to wish yall a Happy Halloween. Even tho Halloween is over she finally talked Rocker dude into cutting it since we didn't cut one this year. I landed up at the ER with him and 4 stitches. Next year I will make sure to buy a large pumpkin for easy carving.

At 8/11/08 05:58, Blogger Team Gherkin said...

Kirbys ROX!

At 8/11/08 07:17, Blogger Pamela said...

I have two pumpkins sitting out front from Halloween. Maybe I should make soup, too. Never have made it from scratch.

the council lorry -- reminds me of the house cleaning machine in one of the Dr Suess videos we have for our grandkids.

At 8/11/08 09:59, Blogger Beccy said...

I wonder what the Kirby man thought when you asked to take his picture?

Btw I won two full houses at bingo last night and got €80, isn't that cool?

At 8/11/08 18:50, Blogger Betty said...

You had a busy day yesterday, Chris. Doesn't it make you almost mad to get up earlier than you need to expecting a service call? That always makes me mad.


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