Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Postcard from Dublin #3 Orphans


Sadly Beccy's neighbour died very suddenly a couple of weeks ago and she had two cats that Beccy is currently feeding twice a day. They have been used to sleeping in the garden shed but they are beginning to get used to Beccy and come running when she takes out the food. It was quite amusing the other morning when the clocks altered because they were prowling on the wall in Beccy's garden looking for her and meowing loudly. Both cats come from the same litter but I can't remember if they are both male nor can I remember their names and Beccy is out playing tennis so I can't ask her!
It would be lovely if they were not so timid because they are really rather nice looking cats.

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At 28/10/08 21:19, Blogger Sally said...

AWWWW, they are cute!!! Gosh I hope that it isn't as cold in Dublin as it is here today - otherwise she could ahve a repeat near hypothermia experience!! Hope she wins!

At 28/10/08 21:39, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

I have a feeling you will be taking home 2 cats LOL


At 29/10/08 02:27, Blogger kitten said...

They are so cute! That is very sweet of Beccy to take care of them.

At 29/10/08 03:20, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Makes me feel all warm inside.

At 29/10/08 11:55, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally she never learns!

marme I think embee would like that but I'm more a doggie person myself!

Kitten I personally think she is very good. Her neighbour only has one sisite rwho lives way down country so we are not sure what will happen to them long term!

AC cats know when someone is being kind to them!

At 29/10/08 11:59, Anonymous beccy said...

They are brother and sister and their names are Laragh and Tara.

Sally it was cold and I was allo wrapped up for playing in the cold and we were playing indoors! I didn't know they had indoor courts (haven't played there in years) so I was very warm at the end but we won so I didn't mind!

At 29/10/08 13:51, Blogger Sally said...

Well done Becky!! Glad you were inside!

At 29/10/08 15:17, Blogger Steffi said...

Cute picture but sad story .Have a nice day!

At 31/10/08 02:09, Blogger Alison said...

they are gorgeous and it is so nice of Beccy to care for them.


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