Sunday, October 26, 2008

Post card from Dublin

Just thought I would share a picture of my youngest grandson Ben hulling strawberries and doing his bit for the environment by using the compost bin. Beccy has him well trained!

The weather seems to have changed for the worst since I arrived here, it's much colder and has been raining quite a lot.

Yesterday we went to buy Mollie some school shoes. Well to be exact she wanted to exchange the ones her mother bought a couple of months back as she felt they were uncomfortable. Luckily she mentioned it before she wore them outside. The problem we had was that every pair of shoes she tried on didn't fit properly or they they didn't have them in her size. After much searching we did finally find a pair she liked that fitted her. You can imagine the relief!

While all this was going on Ben was more than a little bit bored so he chose McDonalds for lunch after which we took him to look at the new Hamley's Toy Shop that had just opened in Dundrum Shopping Centre. It would have been easy to spend a fortune and from the number of people shopping it certainly didn't look as though there was any evidence of a recession! Or maybe everyone was just looking like us!

2007: Bog Frogs
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At 26/10/08 16:03, Blogger Pamela said...

what a clean compost bucket. Mine always has coffee ground all over it

At 26/10/08 17:16, Blogger kitten said...

You have a beautiful grandson!

At 26/10/08 17:32, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Yeah Ben! We haven't been so good about our composting.

Enjoy your visit!!!

At 26/10/08 18:36, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

I have a Ben so Im biased .... your granson is gorgeous :) - hope your having a lovely visit....


At 26/10/08 21:06, Blogger Bombastic Bandicoot said...

Teaching him well! A grandson to be proud of for sure!!

Enjoy your visit in spite of the weather.


At 26/10/08 21:36, Blogger A Spot of T said...

What a cutey Ben is. Love the compost pail too. So clean and tidy. Sounds like you're having a good time so far. Great to see you writing while you're away :o)

At 26/10/08 21:47, Blogger Sally said...

So has Mollie been wearing her old shoes for the last two months?!!
Hamley's in Dublins sounds fun!
Brilliant picture.

At 26/10/08 23:36, Blogger karisma said...

What a great compost bucket! Ours is an old Feta Cheese bucket! (I guess we are recycling at the same time!) Sounds like you are having a great time!

At 27/10/08 05:34, Anonymous Kila at momto3cubs said...

Plenty of shoppers here, too! Glad you had success finding the shoes! Same cold, rainy weather here. We don't even have a compost--should start one. (We do recyle as much as we can, though!)

Enjoy the time together with the family!

At 27/10/08 15:41, Blogger Sam said...

That compost bucket looks like a nice salad to me.

At 28/10/08 09:34, Blogger Beccy said...

Sally, she's been wearing her crocs for the last two months (and cropped trousers) but next month they have to wear the long trousers (or skirts) and proper trousers. Mollie and Ben always wear the sandals and shorts up to November and from Easter onwards whatever the weather!

At 28/10/08 19:03, Blogger Alison said...

sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!


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