Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working Weekend

I have been so busy this weekend doing some paid employment. Embee and I do this every year. So if there any English bloggers out their who have forgotten to post off their Electoral Registration forms spare a thought for those of us who are chasing them up and be nice to the person visiting you. We are only doing a job and we don't need abuse like I got yesterday from some chap who objected to having his name on the register! I didn't take it the heart and I let him have his little rant and I got his name so he will be on the Electoral Roll despite the fact he was adamant he hadn't ever filled in a form and had no intention of ever doing so!

My Blueberry bushes are such an amazingly beautiful red colour at the moment I thought I would share a photo. It reminded me of the colours of the trees I saw in New England a couple of years back.

PS I'm delighted that Andy Murray won the Madrid Masters Series
2007: Autumn Walk

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At 20/10/08 01:44, Blogger kitten said...

Bless your heart. That sounds like a hard job.
Your Blueberry bushes are beautiful!
If you haven't noticed, I have something for over at my blog.
Hope tomorrow is a better day for ya!

At 20/10/08 02:08, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Good for Andy! I've not been up on the tennis news lately, but I wish him well.

At 20/10/08 03:47, Blogger Sam said...

those red leaves are beauiful, mum!

At 20/10/08 04:21, Blogger Faye said...

I can identify Chris. Here in the U.S. it's touchy to talk about politics as I found out when out to dinner with friends last night. It's so close to our presidential elections that everyone is a bit testy.

Are your blueberry bushes the ornamental or edibile variety? Either way I'd forgotten how lovely the foliage is.

BTW, I'm being lazy about Fun Monday this week and not writing a new post. However, if you'd to read my account of a "normal" travel day getting to and around Amsterdam, stop by.

At 20/10/08 04:57, Blogger bermudabluez said...

Your garden is gorgeous! What beautiful reds!!

At 20/10/08 08:29, Blogger Beccy said...

We were watching Stephen Fry in the US yesterday and the trees were that beautiful red colour as well.

At 20/10/08 11:29, Anonymous daffy said...

Yay well done Andy!
As for the grumpy old moaner take the advice of my daughter and (in your mind) tell him to bugger off! :o)
Good job too!

At 20/10/08 11:54, Blogger Hootin' Anni said...

Hmmmmmmmm, beautiful and colorful plants. You say "blueberry bushes" they actually HAVE blueberries? Edible blueberries?

Happy Fun Monday.

At 20/10/08 15:52, Anonymous swampy said...

Shouldn't your blueberry bushes

Yea for ANDY. I love watching him play. I didn't follow this match, but glad he won it.

At 20/10/08 17:32, Blogger Sally said...

Poor you... I filled in ours...... Phew!
Pretty trees!!

At 20/10/08 17:32, Blogger Sally said...

Poor you... I filled in ours...... Phew!
Pretty trees!!

At 21/10/08 03:32, Blogger Alison said...

your blueberry bushes are gorgeous, I had no idea they changed color like that!

At 29/10/08 18:05, Blogger storyteller said...

Beautiful flowers … and congratulations on Andy Murray’s success!
Hugs and blessings,


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