Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Witty Wednesday # 68

Below is a picture of a badge that one of the daughters gave EmBee years ago. I noticed it pinned on his study wall and took a photo as it's quite amusing
The one below is also on display.


Now some may not find this to your taste so you might not want to read came from my friend Daffy and it made me laugh!

One day superman was feeling a bit horny so he asked some of his comic friends where he could 'get a bit of action' 'Hey Batman who's good in the sack'
'Well Superman, everyone knows that Wonder Woman is the best sex in comicland.
Why don't you try her?' replied Batman
'I'd love to, but Wonder Woman and I are friends.
So I don't really want to take advantage of her.'
'Damn shame.' said Batman as he waved goodbye to Superman and drove off. Ten minutes later he was flying over the city when he saw the Green Lantern.
'Hey Hal, I'm looking for a little action. You're a swinging bachelor, who's the best babe in comicland?'
'Hey, Superman! Everyone knows that Wonder Woman is far and away the best lay in comicland, why don't you try her?' 'Well were sorta friends,' Superman says 'but I didn't realise she'd been about so much' and he flew off in total frustration
Twenty minutes later Superman was flying over a field when he saw Wonder Woman lying naked, in the middle of the field, with her legs apart. Superman was tempted. He thought to himself, 'I'm faster than a speeding bullet, I can be in and out of there before she even knows I'm here.'
So with a blur and a sonic boom he was down, in and out and gone. Wonder Woman stared up into the sky with a dazed ___expression on her face 'What the hell was that??' she exclaimed.
'Beggered if I know,' said the Invisible Man as he rolled off, 'but my ass is killing me.'

I think I'll bow out now!

2007: Fun Monday 37

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At 15/10/08 13:08, Blogger kitten said...

LOL! Very funny!

At 15/10/08 13:11, Blogger karisma said...

Oh granny! That is disgustingly funny!

At 15/10/08 14:10, Blogger elena jane said...

omg, so funny!! :)

At 15/10/08 14:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

teehee! I love how I get named credit for the rude one.
I have a few more here Chris but it's been a bit busy today but as soon as I get the chance I will forward them on!
Loved the others too!

At 15/10/08 15:58, Blogger john.g. said...


At 15/10/08 16:07, Blogger ChrisB said...

daffy I have to be able to blame someone, you know how my girls chastise me!!!LOL

john I see you approved!

At 15/10/08 17:52, Blogger Beckie said...

In some circles they call you SuperGran.

That was hilarious!

At 15/10/08 18:05, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I admit that Superman made me chuckle.

At 15/10/08 19:22, Blogger Sam said...

I really can't quite believe I just read this on my mother's blog.

At 15/10/08 19:41, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

hahahahahah - good one.

At 15/10/08 21:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*feels a bit flushed*
to Chrisb's lovely daughters...
I'm so sorry for leading your mum astray...
*looks very sorry*

At 15/10/08 21:31, Blogger Barbara said...

I'm laughing.

At 15/10/08 22:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

LOL daffy don't feel bad, I don't even think beccy has read it yet. Youngsters can be a bit prudish where their mothers are concerned.

At 16/10/08 06:40, Blogger Sam said...

I'm laughing so much out loud that Fred asked me [concerned] "are you crying?"

At 16/10/08 10:55, Blogger Beccy said...


Well it's what you expect me to say isn't it!!!

At 18/10/08 07:41, Blogger wendishness said...

hahaha they're brilliant!

At 21/10/08 15:47, Blogger Pamela said...

Superman doesn't have a corner on that quicky market.. I'm sure. ha ha.

hey. I love the mirror joke. Never look.. never. (:


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